7 Best Minimalist Living Rooms for Streamlined Design

 Homifine.com - Minimalist design is design that can make the space look simple, tidy, and funny. To know the design called minimalist, you can see with the simplicity, clean lines, and color pallets that used in the design.

And it comes when, you have planning to make minimalist living room design. The process must be carefully curating the pieces, and you know, it will make you have a bit overwhelming. Below, Homifine.com will present 7 Best Minimalist Living Rooms for Streamlined Design to make inspire for the planning in living room design. Let's check it out!

Open Plan Style for Minimalist Living Room Design


The first for minimalist living room design, you can make open plan concept. This concept will make you feel bigger and spacious in living room and another area at your dwelling. Pair the vinyl on the floor to make warm nuance in this area. Besides then make the space has warm, the atmosphere in this area will have natural look. For the living room, you can make nice setup for the furniture. Place the sofa and the table for seating area. Don't miss with a nice rug to complete the design.

Cheerful with Yellow in Best Minimalist Living Room Design


Your minimalist living room area can make new design that look streamlined with cheerful theme. With the white basic at living room, combined with nice wooden panel at the wall for fresh nuance. Choose the wooden panel with bright color to have matched with the basic. Next, select the furniture with cheerful color like yellow combined the white one or glossy black. And the last, make nice setup with letter L for the sofa. 

Best Minimalist Living Room Has Classy Look


No more space for living room? Don't worry, make nice design with classy style in this minimalist living room. Paint the wall with white and classy green color. Then, make accurate for sofa size to place in this living room. Choose the sofa with grey color and make it similar with rug color. Put and decorate your hanging lamp with nice hood to make it classy effect. Don't miss with standing lamp at the corner, this element can make you have nice lighting too.

Natural with Scandinavian Style for Minimalist Living Room


Are you like Scandinavian style? Apply this style in your minimalist living room to make have beautiful view and cozy. Make the basic background for living room with white color. Make choose sofa color with white or neutral color, then equip it with nice rug pattern and glossy mini table. Design the curtain with white and brown or cream color for natural effect. Last touch, placed the dry plants or flowers in this living room for fresh air and ambience.

Minimalist Living Room Use Classic Design


Make classic for minimalist living room design, classic lover. First, make nice set with the sofa that has classic style and color. You can add pillow to  make it comfort while seating. Then, make the floor full coating with nice rug to make it has warm atmosphere. Placed mini table or folding table for the design. Furthermore, add a good standing lamp at the corner to make it look like pretty and more classic.

Best Minimalist Living Room Set for Sloping Roof


Do you have sloping roof in minimalist living room area? Hey, don't be confused, you can make it has nice design. Make the basic background with neutral color, you can apply brown and white color that mixed in this wall paint. For the sofa, choose nice style and make contrast color with the basic. Put rug for pretty view. Further, place a nice ornament like poster or photo and plants in this pretty minimalist living room.

Feel Bigger with Transparent Window in Minimalist Living Room


Last design for minimalist living room is, make bigger with more light that entering living room area. How can? Just make your window or the door has glass material for transparent effect. Then, pair white thin and transparent layer to make it have feel privacy. You can layer again with thick curtain after this transparent layer. Then, make nice setup for the minimalist living room, that can begin from the sofa, rug, the table, and another elements that placed in this living room. Now, you have to feel bigger at this minimalist living room.

Thank you for reading 7 Best Minimalist Living Rooms for Streamlined Design, I hope you can inspire and apply by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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