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Homifine.com -- The kitchen is one place that is very popular with mothers, it can even be a place to spend time cooking, baking, and other activities that can be done in the kitchen. The comfort and beauty of the kitchen are also important points in improving the mood when you are activite in the kitchen, therefore there is nothing wrong when you modify your kitchen to make it look beautiful and comfortable. One idea to modify your kitchen can be useing hexagon tiles so that your kitchen looks more varied and not monotonous. Then how about the arrangement and modification? Lets see the following explanation of 7 Hexagon Kitchen Tile Thought, which you can make your kitchen decoration options.

Kitchen with a Simple Hexagon Tile Theme

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The use of simple hexagon tile as an additional decoration that you can use in your kitchen by placing it on a small part of the entire wall of your kitchen. Placement that is not entirely will reveal a mysterious but more classy kitchen with the choice of hexagon tile material with a mate appearance. In addition, the choice of colors used must also pay attention to harmony with the components in the surrounding kitchen. You can adjust the color of the kitchen set that you have in the kitchen.

The Use of Hexagon Tile on the Kitchen Table

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In addition to use of hexagon tiles that you can use in the wall area around the kitchen set, you can also use it in your kitchen table area. You can use the same color between the hexagon tile in the kitchen set area and the kitchen table area. So that they remain in one theme in one room.

Color Variation on Hexagon Tile

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You can use the choice of color variations on the hexagon tile on the wall by choosing different colors but still at the right color tone when combined. The use of varied hexagon tile gives the wall a more filled appearance and also looks beautiful. Color variations also give the impression of a different size on the appearance of the hexagon tile on your kitchen wall.

Hexagon Tiles on the Kitchen Floor

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You can also use hexagon tiles on the floor with a large size, so that it can stay in harmony with other floors in your home. You can also match the material with the shiny floor of your house such as ceramic or marble for example. Don't forget to choose colors that match the theme of your kitchen to make it look beautiful and charming.

The Combination of Hexagon Tiles with Dark and Light Colors

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To give a varied impression to your kitchen, you can choose a hexagon tile with this model as a complementary decoration in your kitchen. You can use a dark colors with other color combinations that can provide a view that is not empty in your kitchen, especially the wall area. Are you interested in this model?

Selection of Small Hexagon Tiles on the Kitchen Floor

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If you want to use a monochrome theme in your kitchen, you can use the selection of small hexagon tilrs and of course with the right monochrome color arrangement. In addition to beautyfing the apperance of your kitchen, you can also use it as a boundary between the kitchen and the dining table in the kitchen. Interesting right?

Hexagon Tiles on Floors and Walls

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You can apply this hexagon tile in your kitchen area by placing it on the wall and floor area of your kitchen. Of course, you have to pay attention to the color selection, what the color variation do you want for your kitchen. For more beautiful color variation, you can use colors with the same tone so that they are still suitable to be combined with each other.

Of the ideas above, which one is your favorite to inspire ?

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