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Homifine.com -- Although something simple, windows are one of the most important things in a house. Window slection should also pay attention to comfort and harmony with the concept of the house you have. The existence of the window also has many function such as ventilation, skylight and many function other. One of the rooms that is important to have an additional window is the kitchen area. Because the presence of a kitchen will make your room not stuffy by your cooking, and it will also feel lighter when you are active in the kitchen.

Simple Single Frame Window

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Although it looks simple, this additional window can add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. With one frame you can still add a window in a minimlaist kitchen. Besides that, you can open and close this window as you want. If you want open it, you can just push it  as a vent, but you can also close it especially at night.

The window merges with the shelf in the kitchen

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If you want to have a window but are confused about where to place it in the kitchen area. You can try this design in your favorite kitchen. You still  add windows with the apace you want. You can also add shelves in the window  area so that your kitchen still has enough storage.

Classic Window

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If you have a classic type of house, of course you will love the kitchen model with windows design. During the day you can use it as additional lighting in your kitchen. However, if you want your kitchen to be more shady, you can close your kitchen windows with curtains that you can use as additional accessories to beutify your kitchen.

Full Grid Window in the Kitchen

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You can apply this window with a kitchen design to your kitchen that has a modern concept. You can use this window as a wall that is integrated with the back door of your house. In addition, you can also use this window as maximum lighting in your kitchen and also save electricity costs in your house. This window model with a grid style will also add to your modern and beautiful kitchen area.

Elegant Minimalist Kitchen Window


You can use a window with this design in your kitchen which has a fairly large area. You can use this two-framed window in the dishwashing area, so you can wash dishes while enjoying the view outside the house from the window, but if you want more privacy, you can add curtains that you can use to cover your kitchen windows and also to reduce light who entered the kitchen.

Kitchen Window with Curtains


You can apply this protruding kitchen  in your kitchen, so you can put some plants in the kitchen for variety and decoration in the kitchen. Besides that, you can use additional curtains on the windows when you want to provide sufficient lighting for your kitchen, you can close them whenever you want. Don't forget to choose colors that match other furniture to keep them matched.

Big Window to See the View


This super large windows is very interesting to be applied in the kitchen. Because its large size will help the kitchen lighting optimally, and will show the view outside your house, if you live in a place that has a good view, the kitchen can be a favorite place you want to spend your time in here. Add some plants around the window, so that your plants get enough of sunlight.

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