7 Landscape Ideas

Homifine.com -- You definitely don't want the land in your home area to be neglected, with neglected land in your home area it will affect the beauty of your home. One that you can make a solution for your abandoned land is to use it as a landscaping area. Landscaping is a planning and arrangement of a garden in an empty area around the house that can be a solution to the non-functioning of land in your home area. For that, let's see at the following inspiration about 7 Landscape Ideas.

Plant Variety

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Having vacant land behind the house will be very unfortunate if left alone, especially if the vacany land you have is quite large. You can use this one idea to make your vacant land look more beautiful. You can use a garden with many varied plants to make it more colorful.

Small Pond in the Corner of the Garden

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You can fill your land with a garden that has many component. You can place a small pond in the corner of the garden. Besides that you can add some large trees, walkways, and also vertical gardens in your garden area.

 Arrangement of Small Stones as Roads

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This one idea displays the area of the road leading to your house which is filled with stones that are neatly arranged into a path that you pass to get to your  home area. You can also add plants in the area of the road to your house to make it look fresh.

Gazebo at the End of the Park

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 The gazebo is a place that you can add to your vacant land. You can add a gazebo design that is minimalist and not too big. An additional shower on the side of the gazebo will add to the beautiful atmosphere in your land area as well as your garden.

Garden with Transparent Fence

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The addition of a garden on vacant land greatly affects the appearance of your home. You can arrange it in such a way to make it look neat and more beautiful. The use of plants that you can shape into the same. Use a transparent gate so that your beautiful garden can be seen from the outside.

Paying with Shapes

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You can make this area a garden with various models. You still have access to the house area with a beautiful view because of your arrangement. You can use many shapes as variations in your garden so it doesn't look monotonous.

Dining Room Outdoor

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Well, this last idea shows the appearance of the land that you can add a dining room area to. This idea is not widely used, but it is a smart idea to gather with family, friends, or colleagues. By adding a simple pergola as a beautiful decoration and lamp buffer so that it can still be used at night.

 Thank you for reading 7 Landscaping Ideas, I hope that some of the reviews above can help you find the right inspiration for your home design and decoration. Don't forget to share this interesting information with others. Have a great day everyone. 

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