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Homifine.com --You will agree that a neat and clean kitchen will make the owner comfortable in their activities in the kitchen. You definitely don't like it if your kitchen is messy and disorganized. You as a kitchen owner must be good at managing your kitchen so that it is comfortable when used and even comfortable to look at. One of the things that makes a kitchen messy is the amount of furniture and jars in the kitchen. But you don't need to worry because of the many items you have in the kitchen. You just need to organize your stuff to make it look neat, clean, and easy to find. Therefore, let's look at the following information about 7 Kitchen Organizing Ideas.

Kitchen Set Contains Small Jars

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You can look for a kitchen set that has drawers that you can function as storage of various jars containing spices that can make oyour kitchen tidy because it doesn't fill your kitchen table area. You don't need a big drawer to store it. You can use the existing drawers according to the items you have in the kitchen.

Special Cupboard for Kitchen Jars

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You can use this idea when you want to separate the kitchen area from storage jars by using a special cupboard containing spices, flour, and other kitchen ingredients. You can make all of your kitchen ingredients in one cupboard near the kitchen. You can arrange as you want, and of course you don't have to worry about your kitchen looking full and messy because you have a special cupboard for your kitchen ingredients.

Open and Closed Storage

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This one storage features closed and open drawers. You can use closed drawers for kitchen items that take up too much space, while for open drawers you can place items that you use frequently, such as salt, pepper, and seasonings for cooking. If you want to look neat, you can use a small basket in each drawer that is used to store your things to make it much more tidy.

Use of Acrylic Jars

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The use of acrylic jars is also an interesting option, because the transparent colors don't need to be confused to find the items you want to take because all your kitchen ingredients can be seen without the need to open the jar. You can also use various sizes of acrylic jars according to your needs.

Labeling Each Jar

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So, so that you don't have to be confused about looking for a jar of salt among other piles of jars, you only need to add a label to each jar you have, so you don't have to search for things for too long and so you don't confuse salt and sugar. You can also fill in the ingredients that are almost used up according to the label you have attached.

Labeling According to Type

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This labeling is diferent from the previous one, this time there is don't need to label each jar one by one, you only need to categorieze your items according to the drawer you have labeled. For exemple, in the snack section, you can fill it with kitkat, cheetos, oreos, and your other favorite snack.

Storage of Cooking Utensils in Drawer

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In addition to various kinds of food ingredients and spices, you can also need to tidy up your cooking utensils in one drawe. You can store some whisks, spatulas, and other cooking tools that you can make into one drawer to make them neat and easy to find.

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