7 Rear Kitchen Extension Ideas

Homifine.com -- The placement of kitchen behind the house has become the choice of many people, it is used to maximize the existingspace in a house. In addition, the kitchen in the back area of the house can also facilitate air circulation, especially the semi-open rear kitchen. However, although it is widely used by many people, sometimes many are confused about what kind of rear kitchen model they want. For thet, let's see the following information about 7 Rear Kitchen Extension Ideas.

Rear Kitchen in the Hallway to the Garden

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The rear kitchen of this one, is in the hallway leading to the garden area. This is very useful for those of you who want to maximize every corner in your house well. You can make the path to the back garden as a kitchen that you can use to cook for your family, which of course must be in the right arrangement.

The Rear Kitchen Blends with the Garden

This rear kitchen blends with the open garden area behind the house. You can use a kitchen set with a linear model to fit the existing space. With a kitchen that blends with the garden, you can spoil your eyes with the view in the back garden while cooking for your family's favorite food.

Separate Rear Kitchen from the House

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By separating the kitchen area from the main house area, you can more freely prepare food in the back without disturbing the activities in the house. You can also combine a laundry area so that the place you have, can function optimally.

Kitchen on the Back Terrace

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This kitchen also be an idea to maximize the corner of your house well. You can place a back kitchen with an existing minimalist terrace. Use a kitchen design that matches the terrace you have. You can still cook freely when there are many guests in your house.

Minimalist Kitchen with Transparent Doors and Windows

Even though you are still in the house, you can still enjoy the view from your back kitchen by using windows and doors with transparent materials. In addition to enjoying the view behind your house, transparent doors and windows can also maximize the lighting that enters the kitchen.
Back Kitchen as Well as Dining Table and Indoor Garden
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You dont always have to separate the kitchen from another room. You can combine this rear kitchen with the dining table and garden area without any partitions. You don't have to go far to get food to the table. Because your dining table is already available near your favorite kitchen.

Semi Open Rear Kitchen at the End of the House

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This semi-open kitchen behind the house can be a smart idea so that air circulation in the kitchen can optimally. Inaddition, garden assistance also increases the oxygen stock in your kitchen area so that it is not stuffy. With a semi-open kitchen, you can also maximize the lighting in your area. 

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