7 Master Bedroom Ideas with Baths Included

 Homifine.comAs you probably know, houses have the variety of design and people can make decoration their houses like the way they choose. Most of the master bedroom have attached master bathroom. With this design, surely has advantages as well. Moreover, this concept make great use of the extra space in master bedroom to have otherwise gone unused. Below, you can see the information about 7 Master Bedroom Ideas with Baths Included. Let's check it out!

Natural Light Black and White Accent For Master Bedroom Idea


The first idea for master bedroom that attached bathroom is make it with black and white accent. With the decoration, use waterproof wooden for the wall and the floor that has bright color and white accent. And then combined it with gray color for the wall side to make it dark or black accent. Use transparent glass material for sealing between master bedroom and bathroom. Add nice lamp for lighting this master bedroom and bathroom.

White Sand Idea in Master Bedroom and Bath


The next idea is to make contiguous for master bed and bathroom in a room. Use bright white color for the master bedroom wall and the mattress at the bed. Add a sleep lamp beside your bed that has warm white for the lighting. Adding too for nice lamp at the edge of the wall. Make the sealing for bathroom with glass material that has transparent and pair nice curtain for the privacy. For the floor, you can pair waterproof vinyl that has white sand color, and make it in master bedroom until master bathroom.

Purple Style in Master Bedroom with Bathroom


Are you in love with purple? Implement it at your master bedroom with bathroom. Make the basic background with white color, and make the combination with nice line in the wall. Placed purple mattress, pillows, and nice rug. Decorate any way that you like in this bedroom. Then, make the sealing or the door into bathroom with transparent from glass material.

Blue Decoration Suitable for Master Bedroom and Bathroom


This design has a calm and cozy feel, right? Mix the blue and white color to make decoration of this master bedroom and bathroom. You can apply the blue color in the bedroom wall and the white one in the bathroom. Or it could also be made otherwise. Then, for the furniture in the bedroom, you can choose in one color to make it matching. Make the sealing in transparent, then place pretty hang mirror in the bathroom and bedroom.

Master Bedroom Has Open Plan with Bathroom


Feeling open but comfort in this design style, aren't you? Open plan that apply in this master bedroom with bathroom make you feel nicely. With the sealing make for the little and has white color that matching the wall in bedroom, you will have spacious in this master bedroom. Then, the bathtub placed near the bed without sealing. Place nice lighting in warm white for romantic nuance in this area.

Warm Nuance in Master Bedroom with Bathroom


This warm master bedroom support with by using the bright wooden material. Like on the floor, bed, headboard, and the handwashing area. With the bathroom placed behind the mattress and sealing with transparent glass material and headboard. Choose the mattress that has same color with the wall that has cream color, but you can use another soft and neutral color. Complete with soft color in pillows  make you feel warm, calm, and comfort to stay along in here.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom That No Need A Lot Space


Last design for master bedroom and bath is no need lot space for this design. With the bed has made from wooden material and mattress putted above. Adding the headboard for the sealing between bed with bathroom area. Besides headboard, you can create cast cement and combined with transparent glass material for the main sealing. Make a little stair besides bed area to move into bathroom.

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