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Homifine.com -- Having a house with a minimalist design has become a common thing for most people. Minimalist home designs certainly have room spots that have a minimalist space as well. However, this minimalist home design can certainly be tricked with the right decoration. One of the things that need to be considered in a house is the terrace, because its presence in the front area is a very important area to show the maximum beauty of the house even with a minimalist design. Here, Homifine.com will provide inspiration about 7 Beautiful Terrace Ideas & Designs that you can apply to your favorite home.


A Touch of Bright Color on the Terrace


This terrace design uses a cheerful feel thanks to the presence of chairs with orange cushions that attract attention. Not only in the eye-catching appearance of the chairs, this terrace design also uses transparent walls with a grid model decorated with sticking plants, thus giving a curtain-like beauty to this part of the terrace that is not wide.

Use Carpet on The Terrace Floor


This terrace design idea is very suitable for relaxing, especially with the addition of a floor rug for lying down, adding to the comfort of this terrace area. In the wall area, you can use wall foam as a clean and elegant look. As for the open area in this terrace design, bamboo is arranged into a neat small rhombus. Additional vines will make the terrace much more shady and fresh.


Colorful Painting on Tiny Terrace


A beautiful appearance is also displayed on this terrace design. The use of components that are quite complex makes the terrace atmosphere more colorful and functional. Not only about the chairs with an interesting arrangement on this terrace, but there are also colorful paintings that distract.

The Yellow Color that Stands Out


Although it has a small area, this terrace is uniquely designed because of the combination of striking yellow and green plants around it. This in its entirety can create a dazzling beauty. In addition, the addition of synthetic sunflowers also adds to the unavoidable beauty.

Plants that Give a Cool Vibes


You can use a many of shady plants to fill the part with your terrace that looks empty. The additional number of plants on the terrace can also provide benefits so that your relaxing place is more shady and cool. For that, don't forget to add a bench around the terrace plant.

Relaxed Boho Concept


The bohemian concept is widely applied as a beautiful home decoration. In this design, it uses a terrace with a cool bohemian concept. The addition of wooden figures with leaf images adds a much deeper bohemian feel.

Additional Hanging Plants on the Terrace

Hanging plants are one of the mainstays in arranging plants on the terrace. Of course, you can apply this to your terrace for a more shady and green look. Don't forget to add chairs and tables as an outdoor living room area or a relaxing area in front of the house.

That's 7 Beautiful Terrace Ideas & Designs for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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