7 Best Stylish Open Kitchen Bar Ideas


Homifine.com -- Kitchen with mini bar becomes an attractive kitchen concept and suitable to be applied in a house with a small size. Minimalist style kitchen design has a simple design, especially combined with a mini bar, can make the look of a kitchen that looks stylish. Mini bar you can use at once as a dining table, very functional, right?

Interested in designing a kitchen with a mini bar? Check out first 7 best stylish open kitchen bar ideas that you can make as a reference.

Open kitchen bar with attractive lighting


When designing a small kitchen, lighting becomes one aspect that you should not miss. The kitchen with the first mini bar was made with a stunning design thanks to attractive lighting. In addition to the headlights, you can use decorative lights to beautify the look.

Minimalist kitchen design with mini bar

Carrying the concept of minimalism, the second kitchen design is made complete with island area. The island area you can use as a mini bar, simply by putting a cafe-style chair nearby. The mini bar table is made luxuriously with white marble material.

Open kitchen bar in industrial style


Want to have a cafe kitchen? Kitchen ideas with the following industrial-style mini bar can be used as a reference. The exterior of gray wall, wood material, and also iron material appears to be fused and harmonious.

Kitchen with mini bar near the garden


The following mini bar design kitchen ideas are located near the backyard. So that the cooking activities will feel more pleasant. The mini bar design is also designed towards the beautiful rear garden scenery. You interested?

Kitchen with mini bar near the garden


Create a kitchen atmosphere with a mini bar that is so comfortable with Scandinavian-style interiors. The combination of white shades looks more alive with wood material. Apply wood material on the top table and stool bar.

Open Kitchen Bar with windows 


The presence of large windows in the kitchen allows natural lighting to enter to the maximum in the room. It will make the kitchen design with a mini bar look brighter and refreshing.

Open Kitchen bar with plant decors


Make the kitchen atmosphere feel cooler with greenery decorations. The presence of houseplants makes the air cooler also beautify the entire interior of the kitchen. Place the plants near the mini bar table.

That's the 7 best stylish open kitchen bar ideas that you can use as a reference. From some kitchen designs above, which is your favorite?

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