Appear these 7 Beautiful Wooden Courtyard Design for enjoyable spot -- The courtyard page is usually dominant with grass to provide a garden that can be applied to the courtyard. However, lawns with grass dominance are common in most people's yard. So that the page you have has a different and unique impression, you can use wood shades that you can apply to the area of the yard that you have. Are you interested in following it? Let's look at some interesting inspiration about 7 Beautiful Wooden Courtyard Design that you can imitate in your house area.
Very Thick Wood Feel
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To present an interior or exterior that is very thick with wood, you can use all the components in the yard by using wood materials, both floors, tables, chairs, barriers, or the roof that you use in the yard. 

Matching Pot Colors

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You can also make a variety of pages into reality by using various components in the area around the page. Use a wooden chair in addition to the wood feel, but still be able to use other components such as dense plants and several pots that have a color that matches the wooden chairs in the yard.

Slatted Pergola

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The slatted design is indeed loved by many people, which can be used as an insulator between rooms, roof terrace, or walls in the house. If you want to apply a page that has a wood feel, use a pergola that is still trendy with a slatted design both on the roof and on other components. You can use the pergola as a place to relax in the courtyard area more comfortably and still charming.

Color Variation on Wood

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Even though it is wood nuanced, you can use color variations on wooden furniture that you want to apply to your home page. The choice of floor with brown color, chairs with gray color, and also a black pergola can provide a variety of beautiful wood colors in your yard.

Additional Wooden Chairs in the Yard

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The addition of a few chairs and tables in the yard can give a wooden feel that adds to the beautiful yard you have. No need to add other wood materials, the presence of wooden chairs and tables is enough for the wood feel you want to have.

Sofa Chair with Wood Material

    Instagram / @obi_baumarkt

In order to relax more comfortably, use a chair with a wooden feel but with the addition of a foam sofa to make it much more comfortable than using a chair that is only made of wood. The choice of color also does not have to use a color that matches the wood, choosing a different color will create a new atmosphere on the wooden page you have.

Earthy Wooden Floor

Instagram / @tegelvillan3

The color of the wood that you apply to your yard area with natural colors will further highlight the earthy impression on your home page. In addition to being more natural, the use of this wood nuance can save costs because there is no need to coat it with various kinds of wood polishes.

That's 7 Beautiful Wooden Courtyard Design that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one do you like?

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