7 Brilliant Front Garden and Landscaping Project You'll Love


Homifine.com -- Having a cool home is certainly the desire of many people. One of the things that makes the dwelling cool is the selection of the garden in front of the house, so that the house looks cool. Garden selection must also consider the various components that will be applied, one of the most popular garden management trends for home lovers is landscaping. Landscaping that is applied in the garden in front of the house will show a beautiful, organized garden, and can function the garden that you have. Let's see at inspiration about 7 Brilliant Front Garden and Landscaping Project You'll Love.

Additional Small Fish Pond

The addition of a fish pond that you can place in the garden will add a more complex population to the garden in front of your house. The fish pond that you build doesn't need to take up a lot of space, because you need to highlight the front yard of the house with a garden, while the existence of a fish pond is a supporting component to beautify the garden.

Garden as Wall as Relaxing Area

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The next arrangement that you can use as inspiration in the front garden of the house is to use the front porch of the house as a garden as well as a comfortable place to relax. Because as a place to relax, for the addition of grass, you can use synthetic grass to make it more comfortable and clean to relax or lay down on the garden grass that you have.

Trees to Fill the Garden

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The addition of a medium sized tree can help keep the garden cooler. You can add grass, small plants and also some medium-sized trees to perfect your garden. Use additional gravel that can be used as a foothold that is outside the grass.

Rock Pattern to Make it More Beautiful

Instagram / @gamaproperty7

 Even though it has a small garden, it will be more beautiful if you pay attention to the details as well as possible. details that you can pay attention to to add to the beauty of your garden area is by using small rocks that can be formed into patterns in the garden to make it more beautiful, you can paint small rocks that you want to make additional decorations in the garden.

The Path to the Door of the House

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If your garden is  small and is in the area of the door to the house, you can use the path in the middle of the garden that is used for access to the house. Besides being able to be used as a road to the house, it can also beautify the garden you have because it has an interesting variation between plants and a small path in the middle of the garden.

Various Rock and Flowers

Instagram / @landscapinglawncare

The use of rocks of varying sizes you can apply in the garden in front of the house. With a careful arrangement, you can turn your yard into a beautiful garden and the addition of a variety of flowers will add to the beauty of your garden. The use of rocks, plants, and flowers with this design can give the impression of being one with nature.

Small House to Relax

Instagram / @landscapinglawncare

You can see the perfect arrangement in this one garden which is equipped with a small house to enjoy the garden in the front corner of your house. The additional path to the house is also an important point so as not to damage the plants in the garden. Rocks that are placed with interesting shapes are also points that can be added to the garden area in front of the house. 

That's 7 Brilliant Front Garden and Landscaping Project You'll Love that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one do you like?

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