7 'Walk In Pantry' Keep The Kitchen Organized


Homifine.com -- Pantry serves as a place to prepare ingredients before processiong in the kitchen. In addition, the pantry can also be used for various other cooking purposes that can be adjusted to your needs. With a small space, you need to arrange a more functional pantry design to look more neat and organized.

To help you in designing a pantry, here are 7 'walk in pantry' keep the kitchen organized that you can apply at home!

Pantry with wooden accents


The inspiration for the first pantry design carries the concept of industrialist with a touch of elegant wood material. This functional shelf is made with solid wood material that makes the kitchen look more elegant. Combine it with the use of black baskets to accentuate the industrialist effect.

Functional open shelves 


Space limitations, you can investigate with the use of functional open shelves. The existence of open shelves in addition as you can use to place kitchen utensils is also a place to put kitchen materials that are often used. That way, the look of the kitchen will be more neat and organized.

Vertical storage 


The concept of vertical storage becomes one the best solutions to overcome small rooms. Well, you can store various foodstuffs to cookware on the wall. Combine with wicker baskets for a neater kitchen look.

Arrange items according to their type


Tips to make the kitchen neater is to group items according to their type. In addition, you will be easier when going to find the goods that are needed, because the good are always neatly arranged.

Using wall shelves


Many ways to make the kitchen more efficient, one of them is by utilizing the wall area as much as possible. With the means of wall shelves, you can use to put various kitchen spices to decorations to beautify the look.

Simple mini pantry


When making a mini pantry, you must be smarter in utilizing the available space. Well. this kitchen uses cabinets and baskets so that even though it is small, you can still maximize the available storage.

Using a 3-level basket


To place various groceries you can use a three-level minimalist basket as in the picture. The color of this basket is made with a touch of adorable pink color. Very beautiful, isn't it?

That's 7 walk in pantry keep the kitchen organized that you can apply at home. Which of the design above do you like the most?

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