Decorating Minimalist Style House Ideas | Wise arrangement for cozy dwelling -- A minimalist house is no longer a barrier for a house that looks beautiful and attractive. The choice of decoration is one of the points that gives an important value in beautifying the appearance of the house. Therefore, for those of you who have a minimalist home, it is highly recommended decorating the house as attractively as possible so as not to get bored with every small room you have. The following is an explanation of Decorating Minimalist Style House Ideas.

Floor Motifs and Decorations on the Terrace

On the terrace area there are several chairs and a table will make the terrace become multifunctional, namely as an outdoor living room. On the decorations used on the terrace, namely the use of floors and walls with varied motifs that give an attractive and beautiful impression. In addition to the motif game, the decoration used is the presence of several plant pots placed in each corner of the terrace.

Decoration in the Living Room

The choice of decoration chosen in the living room area is very interesting. The decorations used include the selection of round knitted carpets with a combination of nude colors, besides the sofa cushions that are selected also have different colors and motifs that give a colorful impression on a plain sofa. Not only that, the selection of decorations used on the walls in the form of decorations that are quite prominent adds to the attractiveness of the living room. In the corner of the living room, dry plants are also provided, which are equipped with lamp stands that add to the warmth of the living room atmosphere.

Family Room Without Partition

In the family room, that is combined into one room without partition gives a wider effect on the appearance of the room. In the family room using a fur rug which is very comfortable to use to gather with a small family while watching TV. Not only carpets, the use of rattan chairs with attractive shapes can also be used if you want to talk while sitting on a chair. In addition to the family room and living room, there is a dining table in this area. The selection of a unique high chair can be a unique decoration in this one room.
Decoration in the Kitchen
The selection of decorations in this kitchen uses various things that are very eye-catching. The use of motifs on the refrigerator is an attraction for those who see it, which is also adapted to the original plants which are also placed in the same area. Not only that, the use of floor carpets, kitchen walls, and also LED strips adds a warm impression that spoils the eye.

Decoration in the Bathroom
Interesting attention that can be seen when entering the bathroom is the use of a floor filled with white stones under the shower, which provides an advantage, so that water does not stagnate. In addition, the selection of a mirror with a hexagon shape will give the appearance of a wider area. The use of the wall also uses different variations between the sides of the wall.

That's Decorating Minimalist Style House Ideas that you can apply at home. Which of the design above do you like the most?

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