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Homifine.com -- A small bathroom is not always synonymous with a cramped and uncomfortable place. Having a small bathroom, you can turn into a comfortable area with maximum functionality. To find out some inspiration about this small bathroom, here, Homifine.com will review 7 Cozy Small Bathroom Ideas for Your Remodel Project.


Wall Motifs that Look Elegant


Having a small space doesn't mean your bathroom can't look stunning. You can change your bathroom to be charming by using walls that have beautiful textures and motifs so that they give an elegant impression to the small bathroom you have.


Small Bathub in the Corner of the Bathroom


Having a small bathroom, of course, you have to pay attention to each component that you want to include in it. One of the components that you can deal with is the use of a bathtub that has a small size that is placed in the corner of the room so that its presence does not interfere and has a maximum function.


Fabric Curtains in the Bathroom


You can work around having a small bathroom by using a cloth curtain that separates the two areas. With the use of this partition in the bathroom, it can focus on the function of each area and still be able to give a broad impression because of the use of curtains that are easy to open and have an unobtrusive appearance.


Use of Various Motifs


By using various motifs in this small bathroom, this one also makes the bathroom look charming. To avoid saturation due to the motifs used, you can use different wall motifs from one side to the other.


The Right Arrangement in a Small Bathroom


Having a bathroom with a small space, you must be good at arranging everything in it. In this small bathroom, a toilet is placed in the corner of the room, which is paired with a small shelf that can accommodate various toiletries. In addition, the use of a shower is also presented on the empty side of this small bathroom.


Tiny Bathroom Complete with Mirror


Unique and elegant decorations in this small bathroom are points that you need to pay attention to in order to give the bathroom a beautiful and comfortable appearance. This bathroom uses an additional round mirror, which also gives the illusion of a large space in this small bathroom.


Tiny Bathroom without Bathub

A small bathroom that is no less smart is displayed in this bathroom. With the dominance of white which has a touch of motif, it comes with a shower without a bath so that it gives a spacious impression to this small bathroom. In order to give freshness and variety to the bathroom, you can use plants in the corner of this spacious bathroom.



That's 7 Cozy Small Bathroom Ideas for Your Remodel Project. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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