7 Small City Garden Ideas


Homifine.com -- Having a small garden in front of the house is easy to style to look beautiful and neat. Because the size of the land is not a guarantee to have a beautiful landscape. The small garden also has onw attractions that you can enjoy while you relax at home.

 Interested in having small garden at home? Let's check out the 7 small city garden ideas below!

Mini Garden in the window


Although small, you can still be creative to make a beautiful patio garden. The way is easy, you can use the window area to design an aesthetic vertical garden. Choose a type of flower with a variety of bright colors for a more beautiful look.

Mini Garden in the window


The design of he second small garden is made simple, and you can imitate easily. The combination of coral rock material and greenery can refresh the view for those who see it. While the pink accent on the exterior of the terrace wall makes the garden more adorable.

Mini garden with refreshing green grass


It is not difficult to design a cool garden. With a stretch of green that coats the surface in addition to beautiful also makes the mini garden look wider. Combine it with some greenery on the edges to beautify the look.

Mini garden with fishpond


The presence of water elements in the house can make the atmosphere of the house more refreshing. The fishpond model is made with a simple rectangular model that is beautified with greenery decorations around it.

Mini garden with fishpond


There are various materials to make the garden look more attractive. One is coral rocks that have often been used as a complement to a beautiful garden. Simply by sprinkling coral rocks managed to make a more natural garden impression.

A small garden in the corner of the room


The following small garden design recommendations utilize the corner of the terrace to create a beautiful garden. The combination of grass and ponds manages to make it feel more alive. While the two twin fountains produce a soothing gurgling sound of water.

Mini garden without fences


Minimalist house still look so beautiful with garden in front of the house even though it is designed without a fence. In addition to making the garden feel wider, it also makes the house look more spacious.

These are the 7 small city garden ideas that can inspire you. Which design is your favorite?

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