6 Things You Can Recycle Into a Planter

Homifine.com -- If you have used items piled up at home, don't be in a hurry to throw them away, you can convert the used items you have into something useful and functional. One of the functions that you can get from this used item is a plant pot. For inspiration to recycle used goods into plant pots, see the following reviews about 6 Things You Can Recycle Into a Planter.



 Used Milk Cans


You can recycle used milk cans that accumulate in the kitchen into charming plant pots. Clean the milk can then cover the outer surface with woven raffia. The use of raffia as an outer layer will cover the brand on the can as well as beautify your DIY plant pot.



Used Tumbler


If you have a tumbler that is damaged, don't rush to throw it away. You can fill it with planting media, which can then be used as a pot that looks classic and unique. In addition, to change the shabby look of a used tumbler, use paint with a simple painting that supports the beauty of a pot made of used goods.



Used Ball


A broken ball owned by your child can be a useful item. Having a pot plant shape with a circle shape is rare and unique, so it will create a different but still charming pot look. You can paint it in your favorite color or adjust the concept of the house you have.



Used Mineral Bottles


One of the used items that you often find around you is a mineral water bottle. You can also use this disposable bottle as a flower pot that you can hang or attach to the wall to keep it neat. Use small plants to keep them in the size of the used bottles you have.



Coconut Shell


A smart idea that you can present as a plant pot is a coconut shell. The use of coconut shells as pots can provide a natural concept that blends with the freshness of nature. To further enhance the appearance of this pot, color the coconut shell with bright paint.


Rubbish Bin


For larger sizes, the use of used goods as plant pots uses a trash can lined with cloth so that the soil inside does not contaminate the room. In addition, the use of this cloth can also help beautify the appearance of plant pots.






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