Cozy, Minimalist and Stunning House in White -- Paying attention to the design of the house according to the environment is an important consideration that you have to so that your home can adapt to the environment and not easily damaged. In addition to designs that adapt to the environment, arrangement and decoration are influential points to provide beauty and comfort in the house. For home inspiration with inspiring designs and decorations, check out our review of Cozy, Minimalist and Stunning House in White.




Small Facade House View

The small facade design of this house gives a simple impression that does not have many components. At first glance, the design of this house looks like a Scandinavian concept that uses natural wood colors combined with white, not only that, the windows are quite large, it is also identical to Scandinavian nuances that prioritize natural lighting.



Terrace with Inspirational Design


Having a concept that blends with nature, this terrace uses wood as a ceiling, fence, and also the walls with a neat and elegant arrangement. The terrace area also functions as an outdoor living room that helps you maintain the privacy in the house. To provide more comfort, the use of television in this area can also be enjoyed with the family while enjoying the breeze.


Spacious Living Room

There is no need to bring a lot of furniture in the room so that it still gives a comfortable and neat, spacious impression. This is what is applied to this living room, the wide impression is increasingly displayed optimally with the use of a flat ceiling with white color that matches the entire wall color.



Room with Open Plan Concept

One way to give a broad impression apart from using white is to use an open plan concept that comes without a partition. In this open-plan area there is a dining table, bar table, and kitchen. More elegant, this area uses a chandelier with gold nuances as well as a luxurious impression. This room is also equipped with glass doors that provide natural lighting.



Bedroom with Elegant Interior

The bedroom in this house has a clean white appearance that is elegant and neat. The use of wooden floors provides a variety of patterns and colors that avoid the monotony of the bedroom. In addition, the presence of lights in this room is also chosen with a simple design but provides elegant luxury.



Hygienic Dry Bathroom 

The bathroom presented in this house has a dry concept by presenting a cubicle in the shower area. Thus, there is no reason for the bathroom to pool and become a breeding ground for germs. Not only that, a variety of unique patterns are also displayed on the walls and floor of this bathroom.










That's Cozy, Minimalist and Stunning House in White. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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