7 Creative Small Living Room Ideas

Homifine.com -- The living room is an important spot in the house that needs to be considered for comfort, because the living room is a room used to welcome guests who are sometimes foreigners. In addition to comfort, the beauty of the living room also has a significant role to represent the concept of the house you have. However, sometimes a small room becomes an obstacle that is often encountered in order to create a comfortable room that has maximum beauty. However, you can actually handle it by designing and decorating, as well as with the right furniture arrangement. For those of you who have the size of a small room as a living room, see the following review of 7 Creative Small Living Room Ideas.



Use the Open Plan Concept


It is well known by various circles that the open plan concept has many advantages for the room or minimalist home you have. This is what is applied to this one living room. The use of a living room with a small sofa that is quite small and equipped with a floor rug with a grid pattern makes a quite charming variation in this room without a partition. Increasingly adding to the beauty, the existence of a ceiling up ceiling in the living room makes your guests forget the tiny living room you have.



Attractive Wall Decoration


The next small living room that you can imitate is a living room with decorative access on the walls that is quite varied in the form of a neatly arranged frame display with a square pattern. Adding more comfort, the existence of a long sofa with colorful sofa cushions also contributes to a small living room that is artsy and also comfortable, of course.

Minimalist Living Room Concept


Not many accents are presented in this small living room. The existence of two chairs equipped with a table is felt to be maximum to function as a comfortable living room. Not to forget, to add variations that are still elegant with a minimalist concept, the choice of a hexagon mirror arrangement on the wall is a decoration that is worth a try.



Bohemian Decor that Brings a Relaxed Atmosphere


Adopting a Bohemian style that is full of natural elements, this living room has a relaxed, homey impression. The use of rattan chairs with wall decorations with a similar theme makes a stunning unit in the existence of the small living room it has. Guests will no longer be focused by the limited space they have and turn into dazzling awe.

Cozy Little Sofa


It's okay to have a small living room as long as it has maximum comfort in it. In this tiny living room, the existence of a tiny sofa with an adorable design looks comfortable and becomes a focal point in the spot in front of its wide window. Its existence which has a large window makes the living room have bright maximum lighting. To provide freshness, additional ornamental plants with easy maintenance can be a room freshener and beautify the room.

Minimize the Use of Furniture


In the design of the living room by utilizing a little area in this house, it does not use much furniture, which can then make the space not cramped and comfortable. The use of a small sofa with a minimalist design looks elegant with a touch of gold color on the legs of the chair. Additional decorations in the form of a round mirror on the wall create an elegant impression and also decorative access that you can rely on.



Right Color Choice


It doesn't matter if white is widely applied to minimalist homes because of the broad impression it presents. That is what this minimalist living room uses. The appearance that looks comfortable with the dominance of white still looks varied with the use of a reddish-pink floor carpet with an attractive, unique motif. By imitating the design of this living room, your tiny living room can look spacious and also have extra comforting comfort.






That's 7 Creative Small Living Room Ideas. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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