7 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space

Homifine.com -- Modern kitchens don't always have to be spacious with a super luxurious appearance. A kitchen with the right design will provide its own comfort when in it, even with a small size. If you only have a small room, you can follow the following inspiration about 7 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space.




 Stylish kitchen in navy


The first kitchen model, that you can imitate, has a stylish appearance with a dominant navy color. In the area with the main wall, this kitchen uses a light blue color that looks to balance the surrounding navy. Not only as a kitchen, this room, is also used as a compact laundry area.

 Kitchen with U-Shaped


This kitchen model with a U-shaped layout has a wood appearance that looks natural but feels warm and soothing. Not only that, this kitchen uses a white marble table surface so that this kitchen still has an elegant natural impression.



Kitchen design with a touch of natural stone


The next kitchen design has an L-shaped layout, which then uses a white kitchen set to add a clean and tidy impression. On the surface of the table and also the backsplash, use natural stone, which gives a natural and varied impression on the appearance of the kitchen.

Placement near the window


The existence of your small kitchen will feel advantageous by placing it near the kitchen. The air circulation will run optimally while providing good diffused lighting. With the addition of a window in the kitchen, it will give a cheerful and fresh impression.



Classic design in the kitchen set


Furthermore, this kitchen design that you can imitate has a kitchen set with a distinctive classic design. However, a touch of color on the kitchen table will make a stylish contemporary touch and be able to liven up the atmosphere. Even so, white is still one of the color combinations to give the kitchen a cleaner and neater impression.

Minimalist kitchen style


 Different from the previous style which uses a classic design in the kitchen set. This kitchen design has a modern minimalist look. The minimalist impression appears in the use of a kitchen set with a simple model and not much detail. The use of pink, was chosen with a soft tone and combined with a very suitable white color.

Kitchen design with bar table


Become a design that is in great demand by lovers of modern minimalist style. You can combine the additional bar table in this kitchen with even a small kitchen. The bar table in the kitchen will support the appearance of a modern, stylish kitchen.



That's 7 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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