Minimalist Home Ideas With Soothing Pastel Shades -- Colors with pastel tones are a favorite of many people who are starting to be applied to various aspects of life ranging from fashion, decoration, and also become the dominant concept in a house. No wonder, because pastel colors have a calming touch and a beautiful blend. For interesting ideas about homes with pastel shades, you can listen to the following article about Minimalist Home Ideas With Soothing Pastel Shades.



Living room view

The appearance of the living room owned by this house comes with a cheerful and colorful impression. Even with the combination of various colors on the furniture and decorations, the dynamic impression still appears with the selection of soft and soothing colors.

Hammock Chair to Complement the Relaxing Room

This room has several areas, each of which has a different function. The dining area in this room appears with a minimalist concept that combines a simple design with plain white color. While in the relaxing area, this room is equipped with a hammock chair equipped with a comfortable carpet for children to play.

Transparent glass wall

The main room owned by this house has an open plan concept that unites the living room, relaxing room, and dining room. The use of transparent glass material will make the room have a beautiful and fresh view. If you don't want to add curtains, the choice of glass that is not transparent from the outside can be an option so that privacy is always maintained.


Bedroom Design

This bedroom has a colorful appearance with a dominant yellow color. In addition to yellow, the wall area uses a soft pink combination. As for the furniture, this bedroom uses a natural and plain white color.


Relaxing spot on the 2nd floor

This house has a 2-story design and makes it a comfortable, relaxing place. This 2nd floor area can also be used as a private and undisturbed work area. Don't forget to add a railing to keep it safe for the occupants of the house.




Kitchen design


Switching to the kitchen area, the minimalist impression is the superior concept. The kitchen table is chosen with a size that is not large but has sufficient function. The white color is the choice of the kitchen table with pastel pink walls that feel beautiful and aesthetic.




That's Minimalist Home Ideas With Soothing Pastel Shades. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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