7 Laundry Room Design Ideas that are Safe from Rain. Apply it for cozy home and make easy to dry your clothes

Homifine.com -- The rainy season is a season that will make it difficult for your clothes to dry because of the high intensity of water that can fall at any time. So, sometimes it becomes a burden when you want to leave the clothesline at home for fear of getting wet again because of the rain. However, you no longer need to worry about leaving the clothesline at home during the rainy season. The following design will help you to regard 7 Laundry Room Design Ideas that are Safe from Rain.



The Perfect Transparent Material

The skylight roof design is the right choice when you want a laundry room that has maximum light but can still protect from rain. You can present this roof with cheap materials, so you don't spend your expenses. In addition to using a transparent roof, you can also use transparent windows to maximize heat and wind in the room, so the clothes will dry quickly.


 Beautiful Drying Room Design

In addition to using a skylight roof for laundry to avoid the rain. The use of design in the laundry room, is still carefully considered so that it still provides a positive atmosphere and is not boring when doing activities in it. Additional decorations in the form of frames in this laundry room will add to the beautiful appearance of the room.



Minimalist Design

This minimalist design will be the right idea for the minimalist home you have. The right arrangement makes this laundry room not take up much space, and of course, it still has maximum function. The clothesline, is selected with a folding model in order, to still provide a relieved space in the room.



Incomplete Skylight Roof

Having a large room, the use of a skylight roof, is not fully applied to the room so that it still provides shade in it. The use of bulkheads is well-thought-out so that it still has a focused function and does not interfere with the surrounding area. This laundry room, is also equipped with a wall shelf that is used to store washing needs.



Practical Folding Clothesline

Has a laundry room that is protected from rain, this room uses a skylight roof that is not used on the entire roof. This helps to keep providing a comfortable, shady atmosphere when moving in it. The clothesline design, was chosen with a folding model to make it more practical and can be arranged more neatly when not in use.



Perfect Setting

Not only with a washing machine and a clothesline, this laundry room, still presents components that complement the function of the room. There is a large shelf to accommodate dirty clothes. The right arrangement will provide an atmosphere that remains comfortable even in a limited space.



Unified Garden Concept

This last design has a look that combines its concept with a refreshing garden. This can be seen from the use of synthetic grass used in the area around the laundry room. On the roof, the skylight, is chosen in the area where the laundry room is located, while in the garden area it uses a closed roof to still give the impression of being shady.






That's 7 Laundry Room Design Ideas that are Safe from Rain. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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Author  : Hafidza
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