Amazing Camellia Ideas for Your Garden -- Camellia flowers are believed to be one of the most beautiful types of flowers because they have many cultivars with various colors. The characteristic of this camellia flower, is characterized by layered petals with a beautiful pistil in the middle. Each color on this flower has a beautiful philosophy, symbolizing love. Not only the flowers, this camellia leaf has high antioxidant properties when dried and made as tea. For some types that you can display in your garden or beautiful room decorations, the following is an explanation of Amazing Camellia Ideas for Your Garden.

Camellia Sasanqua


This first type of Camellia is one of the most popular among many other types. The characteristic that you can see from this flower is the petals that bloom perfectly with a beautiful pink color. The middle pistil has a shape that adds to the beauty of this flower, with a bright yellow color.



Camellia Snow Flurry


Just like its name, this snow flurry has a pure white color with tight petals. The deeper you go, the smaller the size of the petals, and this is the attraction shown in this Camellia. This type will be beautiful for your yard.


Camellia Chrysantha


The next type has the name Camellia chrysantha with yellow petals that symbolize loyalty, harmony, and eternal love. This flower will be very suitable to be given to a partner as a symbol of loyalty. The pistil of camellia chrysanta has the same shape as the pistil of sasanqua. This plant is suitable for those of you who like bright and cheerful colors.



Camellia Grijsii


The petals owned by Camellia Grisjii look unique with a rare arrangement. On one flower, there are 5-6 petals, with a light yellow pistil. The beautiful petals have a beautiful heart shape. The white color symbolizes admiration and is suitable to be given to someone you like.



Camellia Japonica


Camellia japonica is a very popular type of camellia. Having red petals with yellow pistils, this flower has the meaning of love, romance and a deep desire for love and affection. This type is most widely used as a room decoration that looks stunning.



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