A House with Black, Masculine Design That is Very Popular With Millennials

Homifine.com -- Black has a meaning that symbolizes elegance, prosperity, and sophistication. Black is also an independent and mysterious color. The use of black, is not widely used for the whole house with a massive. Most of the use of black in the house, is combined with white, which will form a monochrome look. However, there are also those who like the use of black in the entire house with an elegant, masculine appearance. For inspiration, you can see the following article about A House with Black, Masculine Design That is Very Popular With Millennials.


 House Facade View

The facade of this house has a black color that dominates every corner. The use of black color makes the appearance of the house seem to blend with the surrounding environment. To give a different look, the door design, is made in pastel green, which looks beautiful and is able to balance the look.

Backyard that is Used as a Relaxing Place

The back area owned by this house, is put to good use as a relaxing spot, equipped with a black sofa with a touch of wood to give a natural impression and add a maximum relaxed atmosphere. Additional carpets in this area can also be used as a gathering spot with the concept of a picnic with the family.



Bedroom Design

With black and white monochrome colors being the main concept in this bedroom, the use of white, is applied to the sheets and also to some walls. Black and white colors have their own role that can radiate comfort while enjoying it.



Cactus As Decoration

Having a house with dark black shades, having decorations that can bring freshness is an important point that you can present. One of the appropriate decorations in this area is a cactus. Cactus is the choice because it has a sturdy stem and has no leaves, so it is perfect for the elegant and mysterious impression you want to show.



A Comfortable Back Garden to Relax

It has a rear garden area, the use of artificial grass, is chosen to give the impression of being neat and not too shady. Using it as a relaxing area will become a favorite spot for children when playing. Add a rug that keeps the child comfortable while playing actively.



Minimalist Toilet with the Right Arrangement

Despite having a minimalist size, this toilet still has a comfortable space because of its proper arrangement. For a more compact appearance, the shelf is used on the wall to store soap and room deodorizer. Additional plants with a dark green color will be an attractive decoration to clean the air.






That's A House with Black, Masculine Design That is Very Popular With Millennials. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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Author  : Hafidza
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