7 Astonishing Pink Houseplants To Add Cuteness To Any Indoor Space


Homifine.com -- Pink is one of the favorite colors because it has a funny and adorable impression. Pink symbolizes feeling of love, and tranquility. Well, you can realize by presenting a charming pink plant. 

Interested in growing pink plants? We've set up 7 astonishing pink houseplants to add cuteness to any indoor space just for you!

1. Syngonium Pink Neon


The first pink plant that is quite eye-cathing is syngonium pink neon. They have soft pink leaves that are heart-shaped. This plant has low maintenance, can even live in various conditions.

2. Pink Wandering Jew Plant


Pink wandering jew plant looks beautiful with a combination of colors and alluring leaf patterns. This plant s a type of vine that will be more beautiful if you put it on a basket.

3. Philodendron pink princess


Philodendron is one of the popular plants that captivates and has many enthusiasts. The combination of pink and green on the leaves looks exotic. Especially if you combine it with an adorable pink pot combination.

4. Pink Polkadot Plants


As the name implies, this plant has leaves with a beautiful polka dot pattern. This plant brightly colored, which can make the room more colorful. Suitable for use as an indoor plant.

5. Pink Mother Millions


Pink mother of millions of Kalanchaoe pink butterflies have an astonishing shape. The combination of pink and young in the middle loos attractive. They will decorate the corner of your house.

6. Pink Jelly Bean


For those of you, plant lovers certainly know this one plant. Pink jelly bean is a cute and adorable pink plant. Its small size suitable for use as a room sweetener.

7. Rose painted calathea


Another astonishing pink houseplants is rose painted calathea. They have a beautiful leaf motif pattern. The top of the leaves is refreshing green, while the rose color on the back looks sweet and charming.

That's 7 astonishing pink houseplants to add cuteness to any indoor space. I hope the information above is useful to you. Thank you.

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Author : Hafsah

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