7 Creative Yet Simple Summer Balcony Decor Ideas

Homifine.com --  Entering summer, it usually becomes a long holiday will be very boring if you don't do any activities at all. Relaxing becomes one of the routines that may be spent a lot during summer holiday. One of the interesting things that can be used as a relaxing place at home is the balcony. Decorating the balcony properly in the summer will make relaxing much more leverage and of course feel comfortable. For those of you who are interested in designing a balcony in the summer, check out the following reviews about 7 Creative Yet Simple Summer Balcony Decor Ideas.



Natural concept on balcony


Have a balcony with a small size, you can create it by applying a natural concept with shades of wood and plants like this one balcony. To dispel the heat, you can add curtains on the balcony to keep it shady and comfortable.



Adding plants to the balcony


Adding plants on the balcony in summer will make your balcony look much cooler and greener. You can choose the use of this plant with a type that tolerates direct sunlight. If you have a small balcony, you can place plants on a display rack that you can attach to the wall.


Decorating a tiny balcony


Who would have thought that your small balcony can have a charming appearance by decorating it? Yes, you can maximize the appearance of a small balcony with decorations in it. The addition of vertical garden and wooden partitions with a pattern resembling a net can be an idea to place shelves, which can then make the balcony feel shady in the summer.



Pastel color selection


Palettes with pastel colors are indeed popular among the millennial generation. So applying it to your balcony will be an interesting idea and make it look stylish. Not only that, using pastel colors will make the balcony feel more attractive and have a calming atmosphere.


The perfect minimalist model


The next balcony design has a look that doesn't use a lot of detail and tends to use a minimalist style. This balcony, is equipped with a table and chairs, as well as additional plants and flowers will make it look fresher and feel beautiful.s



Additional flowers on the balcony


Having flowers on your balcony can be used as an option to decorate your balcony. Because having beautiful and colorful flowers will help you reduce stress and can also increase your cheerful mood. You can choose the surrounding furniture according to the color of the flowers that you will present.



Inherent scandinavian style


This last balcony concept, has a Scandinavian look that looks organized and feels calming. The choice of furniture by combining white and wood will make it look more unified and make balcony look wider.






That's 7 Creative Yet Simple Summer Balcony Decor Ideas. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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