7 Low-Cost Ideas For Your Small Kitchen

Homifine.com -- Looking for a small kitchen design inspiration? Having a small kitchen does require you to be more creative to design every inch of the room to keep it functional. Actually no too difficult, you can apply some storage ideas and furniture selection that suits the size of the room.
To add to your references, we've compiled 7 low-cost ideas for your small kitchen that can improve your cooking space!

1. Small kitchen with natural lighting


To allow the small kitchen to look bright and avoid the impression of stuffiness, you can maximize the natural lighting that enters the room. You can make it happen with a window in the corner of the kitchen. That way the room will look bright, and air circulation will run more smoothly.

2. Using wall shelves


Instead of using a wall cabinet will make the look of the kitchen look full, you can replace it with a functional open wall shelf. That way you can store a variety of kitchen spices, and other equipment.

3. Kitchen letter L

The idea of a letter L Kitchen looks very functional, being in a narrow room. Especially if you combine it with elegant shades of gray and white. Combine it with task light that help lighting at night.

4. Small kitchen modern style


Modern kitchen design is synonymous with simple but still functional design. The top table looks luxurious with a touch of dark granite. The small kitchen design is recommended for those of you who live in a tiny house or apartment because it saves space.

5. All-white kitchen


The use of the basic color of the all-white always manages to make the appearance of a narrow feel more relieved. To liven up the atmosphere of the room, you can add greenery at once to beautify the small kitchen.

6. Kitchen and dining room


To help you save space. You can design a kitchen and dining room in the same room. The one line kitchen looks, so functional combined with the dining room.

7. Kitchen with functional cabinet


To maximize storage, you can use a kitchen cabinet in the form of letter L. You can use the bottom cabinet and wall cabinet at once. That way, the look of the kitchen will remain neat and organized.

Those are the 7 low-cost ideas for your small kitchen that can inspire you. I hope the information above is useful.

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