Beautiful Cordyline Types & Varieties So Exotic

Beautiful Cordyline Types & Varieties So Exotic -- Cordyline is a beautiful plant known for its spectacular leaves. Ranging from bright pink, dark purple, green to peach stripes. Indoor plants are guilty of pacific island and some from Southeast Asia. There are about 15 types of annual plants that are green and woody. This cordyline plant grows as an ornamental plant with warmth and indirect bright sunlight with fertile soil and regular watering.

Cordyline Miss Andrea


Cordyline miss Andrea has lush leaves soft, rich purple, beige and green color. Curved and compact leaf shape, this tropical plant is a superior plant with a leaf color all year round. Width 0.6 and height about 1 meter.

Cordylin Asutralis

Cordyline Australis is a plant with stunning leaves of pointed shape and variegated lines and thick cream margins. This plant from New Zealand is suitable to be placed in container and on the terrace of the house. Compact plant with long, thin, curved leaf shape and bronze red color that is always green.

Cordyline Fruticosa


The leaves of the dark red and purple strip are through on this surface, with name Cordyline frusticosa. Erect stems with slightly tapered leaves.

Cordyline Terminalis


The sweetest cordyline is an ornamental plant that is often used as a decoration of the room. This plant is beautiful, forge a corner of the room with diverse leaves. It grows strongly in nutrient-poor areas. Even without proper care, this plant will spread and be easy to grow.

Cordyline Chocholate 'Queen'


Queen brown cordyline form an upright stalk of variegated green leaves that cannon be squeaked with white and cream color. When it has grown up, the leaves will be red, dark red and purplish brown. It grows both in sunlight and partial shade with average humidity.

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