7 Green Plant As a Curtain Plant's Decor Idea

7 Green Plant As a Curtain Plant's Decor Idea

Homifine.com -- You can get more interesting fantasies with greenery that looks like a hanging plant as a curtain. Greenery as a curtain accent that dangles down will be very interesting to be a natural curtain. If you are interested in these natural curtains, check out the 7 lists in the review below:

 Curtain plant with succulent 


The first idea that you can make curtain accents in the home environments is for the garden. You can stick it in the pot in a row with the selection of a beautiful type of hanging plants, such as succulent banana. Then this visual will be very interesting to combine with some other ornamental plants around it.

Lee Kwan Yew as curtain in the kitchen area


Next is the idea for a fresh and passionate home kitchen. This plant curtain idea provides as tropical atmosphere that complements the room in the house evenly. Grows like a curtain, cut this plant when the ends begin to dry.

Natural curtains for void area


If you find a room that is left open more easily, make sure the area can be used as a fresh for airing. You can choose natural curtains that can be combined with shrub plants to lee kwan yew by growing down.

Beautiful pothos plant for curtains


In addition to plants that grow dangling. Pothos plants are a beautiful plant for natural curtains. You can choose various types of pothos plants and place them on the windowsill or doors of the house that will look more natural.

Hang it on the window sill


To provide a more natural visual, natural curtains you can choose from various types of ornamental plants such as succulent, or plant pothos types that will be beautiful for the window area.

Natural curtains with hoya plants


If you are tired of tropical fabric curtains, this time try replacing them with natural curtains that are a good choice, such as hoya plants. Its growth that dangles down will envelop the window well and channel light more easily into the room.

Natural curtains with hanging plants


This last idea is quite covering all other ideas. Types of pothos, tradescantia or trailing plant that will add more privacy space. Choose plant variations easily that will make the accents more stand out.

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