The Type of Caladium that Can Enliven Your Home -- A lot of free time during the pandemic, making many people fill their time with gardening and pursuing a new hobby, namely taking care of plants. The number of popular plants, of course, would not be complete without discussing caladium. Caladium is one of the most popular ornamental plants because it has many types and has varied colors. For those of you lovers of caladium, the following types of caladium will be an inspiration for you to have at home.



Caladium Candidum


This first type of plant is popular with the name caladium candidum which is distinctive with a white color. Not entirely white, the green strokes on the leaves add to the beauty of this cultivar. Another reason why you should have this breed is that it tolerates better light than the others.



Caladium Freckles


For those of you who like plants with a fresh green color, this type of caladium freckles can be the right choice for you. Why has the name caladium freckles? Because this species has white and pink freckles on its green leaves. You will be happy to have it.



Splash of Wine


Caladium splash of wine has leaves that are thinner and coarser than the others. Her beauty radiates from the splash motif she has. It will be very elegant if you place this caladium splash of wine in the living room or bedroom. Choose a pot with a pink color to make it look more harmonious and become a dazzling view in the room. 



Caladium Carolyn Whorton


Get green and pink in one plant, you will get from this type of caladium carolyn whorton. The dark green edges still feel bright because of the pink hue in the middle. Different from the pattern, there are also leaf strokes that have a dark pink to red color.



Caladium Maroon


You want to complete your collection of green plants? Don't forget to include this caladium maroon in your must-have list. The green leaves have a lighter gradation towards the center. The stem has a small size that makes it look slim and is suitable as a complementary decoration of the room.

Caladium Postman Joyner


This last type of caladium has the name Postman Joyner with a bright red color. Not only red, the leaves are even more beautiful with a green border that has a gradation with the middle. This plant will have a striking appearance for you to use as a decoration in the living room and impress guests with its beauty.



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