7 Space-Saving Kitchen Ideas Under The Stairs


Homifine.com -- The kitchen is one of the rooms that has an important role to complete the function of the house optimally. Presenting the kitchen, of course, requires the right space so that it is not too narrow. However, if you have a 2-story house, using the area under the stairs as a kitchen is a popular thing to do. For some ideas that you can use, see the following review of 7 Space-Saving Kitchen Ideas Under The Stairs.



Small kitchen in pink

Having a small area under the stairs, its use as a kitchen is an interesting thing in this house. The overall pink nuance, is chosen as the main concept in the kitchen under this staircase. This kitchen feels more modern with the addition of a bar table.



Kitchen with white tones

With a spacious size, this kitchen uses shades of white to give a wider feel and look clean. The use of white in the kitchen, is combined with a wooden surface, which makes it feel natural and more soothing for the mood when doing activities in it.



Kitchen set with a small design

If you have a small area under the stairs, this kitchen model idea can be an option for you. By using a minimalist kitchen set, a linear arrangement will make it still feel spacious and look fresh. The kitchen table can accommodate a sink and stove, which are the main needs on the kitchen table. You can also add an open display shelf on the kitchen wall to complete your storage space.



Beautiful touch of turquoise

Having a modern minimalist concept, this kitchen does not only use white for a broad impression. A touch of turquoise color, was chosen to liven up the atmosphere in the kitchen and stimulate the mother's mood to stay cheerful and always positive. In the backsplash, this kitchen uses a mosaic motif with a variety of pastel color combinations to better disguise stains and also become a point of beauty for those who see it.



The hexagonal floor

Don't let the look of the kitchen under your stairs feel ordinary. The addition of a hexagonal pattern on some kitchen floors will be an interesting thing for you to apply. Especially if you have a wood parquet floor, it would be very appropriate if you coated it with a more glossy material to make it easier to clean it from stains due to your activities in the kitchen.



Kitchen under the stairs in a house with a loft concept

If you have a small house with a loft concept, utilizing the area under the stairs is of course something you have to do in order to make good use of every corner. You don't need to have a large kitchen, adjust it to the size of the space you have. You can also combine a kitchen table with a dining table that you can design like a bar table.

Fresh open view


This last under the stair's kitchen design has a fresh look with an open model. The kitchen area is not only adjacent to the stairs, but also adjacent to a fresh green garden. This will give you the perfect view when you're in the kitchen, and you can add additional air purifier plants to this garden so that the kitchen smoke doesn't bother you too much.




That's 7 Space-Saving Kitchen Ideas Under The Stairs. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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