7 Home Garden Ideas to Maximize Small Size

7 Home Garde Ideas to Maximize Small Size

Homifine.com -- A large page is not all owned by many people. Even a good little garden idea becomes one of the interesting ideas for you to make the choice at home. The placement can be adjusted around the house such as the terrace area, balcony, side of the house or roof garden that is practical and remains stylish. You can cut all budgets to design a small garden to make it more maximal. Smart tricks you can see in the review below in:

Complete the garden area with furniture

The first smart way that you can create in the garden of the house is with the selection of the right furniture. Other furniture such as rattan chairs to cushion fittings can maximize the area of land in the garden of this house. Flooring with decks you can choose for a combination of homey home gardens. Play the color of the garden with the existence of a vertical garden concept house garden that will minimize the use of pots decorative accents that are simpler.

Make containers from cement cast material

How to give it that you can maximize in the yard or garden with a small size is to use this arrangement. The elongated container attached to the dwelling can be made of cement cast material. Another example is also with the use of surrounding land that you can make a place to put all ornamental plants accents coral rocks as a land cover.

Maximize the corner of the garden

If you have space that is still left, make it look attractive, not necessarily with plants and furniture. But these two combinations will improve the appearance of the lands. For example, such as the selection of calathea plants for corner area, grass as a land cover to decorative elements in the form of paths.

Distinguish by residential elevation

To maximize the small land and if left will even make the house looks monotonous, you can make a little idea that will have more effect and benefits on the dwelling. Create an area with a box size that you can fill with all ornamental plants and leave it open without roof cover.

Industrial garden with pots

The idea may be quite alarming for you landowners in a narrow house. The park is indeed the best area for relaxing place, a traffic area for various activities. Well, an easy way to create a garden at home, the industrial concept can be achieved by utilizing the presence of plants pot arranged vertically. See also the end of the area that will be an interesting spot to design a vertical garden.

Divert in the terrace garden

It does not have to be in an empty yard with wet soil. You can create new concepts in the garden freely using any arrangement. You can arrange an easy terrace garden from the presence of plat types to the use of plant shelves if needed.

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