Best Air Purifying Plants for Indoors | Recommended By NASA -- Entering a time when technology, is increasingly advanced, air pollution is a worrying problem. With so much air pollution spreading, making plants as a solution to clean the air at home, you need to consider its existence. Why do you need to bring it to home? Because air pollution is not only outside the house, but also inside the house, which may be produced from goods that have hazardous materials for health and the air at home. For those of you who are interested in using plants as air purifiers at home, consider the following review of Best Air Purifying Plants for Indoors | Recommended By NASA.



English Ivy


This plant, is known for its dangling growth with pentagon leaf shape. You can place it by hanging it in the room. English ivy also has fast creeping growth, so you need enough space, so it doesn't interfere with other areas you have. Based on research, this plant can clean the air from benzene and toluene. Not only that, this plant can also reduce the fungus in the room.



Spider Plant


In addition to the English ivy plant, you can also have a spider plant at home that you can hang beautifully in any room at home, because spider plants as they grow will grow dangling babies. One strong reason that you should have this plant is because it can minimize the carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene that may be in your home.



Peace Lily


Peace lily which has green fresh leaves is also widely planted to get its beautiful white flowers. You can place it as an indoor or outdoor plant. This plant is phenomenal as a good air purifier, so that makes a strong reason for you to have it at home. This peace lily can reduce mold spores in the air, reduce the development of mold in the bathroom, absorb acetone vapor, clean the air from formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and is also a good plant to help your night sleep much better. From some information above, you can place this peace lily in various corners of your house.



Chinese Evergreen


This Chinese evergreen is a plant of the popular aglonema type. This plant has a beautiful pattern on its leaves and can be grown near a room that is not exposed to direct sunlight. When planting Chinese evergreens, you must use a planting medium that is slightly adamant and slightly dry but still moist. Similar to previous plants, this Chinese evergreen can absorb toxic gases such as benzene and formaldehyde. You can make this aglonema an option for you to use as a houseplant.



Barberton Daisy


Many people plant this plant because they are fascinated by the beauty of the flowers it produces. This plant, which has the botanical name Gerbera jamesonii, does not only rely on the beauty of its flowers when you plant it at home, but who would have thought that this beautiful plant can reduce chemical fumes from benzene that can cause leukemia.



Snake Plant

Who is not familiar with plants that have easy care on this one?. Apparently, besides being easy to care for, this snake plant can be a houseplant that can clean the air well. According to NASA research, this snake plant is able to remove formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, benzene, trichloroethylene that may be scattered in the air of your home.





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