7 Landscaping Ideas for The Side Of the House

7 Landscaping Ideas for The Side Of the House

Homifine.com -- If you have a limited and spatial outdoor idea, you can reach new ideas for a small garden in addition to a creative home and bring a lot of new benefits. A small room does not require many estimates and also large cost. You can even with only coral rocks and potty plants to create a beautiful little garden. You can see the idea in the explanation below:

Side garden with walkway


Save ideas for a garden besides the house with the addition of a patch that will make the area more ideal. Not only as a garden accent, this place is ideal for you to fit some empty benches with elongated containers for ornamental plant accessories.

Make good use of the side garden


Garden beside the house you can revive with a new and refreshing atmosphere. Create a simple decoration with ornamental plants neatly arranged on the outskirts of the house. Also cover the surface of the land with coral rocks thoroughly so that it is functional as a water catchment.

Grow shrub plants in the garden next to the house 


The side of the house becomes the most perfect place for new landscaping ideas in the house. You can make your way from wood panels with the rest of the land that is still clearly the presence of coral rocks and add various shrub plants to fill the void with the land. This idea will help you relax during the manufacturing process.

Simple landscaping with vertical garden


This idea is very simple with the concept of a dry garden that you can apply anywhere, especially the house side. With a combination of light vertical gardens, you can add other elements in the form of ornamental plants that are neatly arranged in pots.

Landscaping in the backyard of the house


Sometimes you need to design a landscape at home with a more barricaded look that a straight line that looks old-fashioned. The back area of the house around this swimming pool will give an interesting effect. Combination of various paths with ornamental grass elements that will offer a new and more refreshing look.

Path with rocks


One of the landscaping ideas that will be a favorite at home is to have a lot of grafts such as flowers, shrubs or other landscaping such as natural rock elements for the path. This path will give a real effect with something more spectacular.

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