Top Garden Trends for 2022 : Planting, Materials, and Landscaping -- The existence of a garden is one of the most popular things to have in a house. With a garden, it will provide freshness and make a beautiful impression on the appearance of the house you have. However, presenting a garden cannot be arbitrary, because there are many considerations such as material selection, arrangement, and also what functions you want to present in it. For those of you who want to design a garden around your house, consider the following review of Top Garden Trends for 2022: Planting, Materials, and Landscaping.



Garden in the yard


This first garden design has a presence in the yard of the house that appears broadly. The use of grass, is applied to the entire area to provide a maximum concept in emitting natural green that is unique to the garden. This garden, is also equipped with small rocks made with round patterns as access in the garden so as not to disturb the plants they have.

Additional pergola in the garden


The landscaping view in this garden is even more charming with the addition of a pergola it has. The use of this pergola is intended to provide a relaxing spot that can be filled with sofas and tables that make you comfortable while enjoying the garden air. You can also add plants to the pergola area to make it blend in with the green garden concept.

Small garden near the stairs


Having a unique appearance, this garden, is located near the stairs of the house, which still has a neat arrangement and does not disturb the surrounding area. In the garden area, besides being equipped with fresh plants, it is also given a barrier to keep it looking neat and beautiful. Even though it's small, maybe this garden will be your favorite spot to relax and take pictures.

Additional seating in the garden
This small and beautiful garden looks comfortable and could become a popular trend in 2022. Not only is it equipped with fresh green plants, this garden, is also equipped with chairs and tables that will add to your comfort while relaxing while enjoying the fresh air. Not only that, this garden, is also equipped with a path so as not to disturb the plants owned by this small garden.

Use one type of plant


If you are a snake plant lover, this garden design might be a dream for you. The use of a garden with one plant will certainly make plants grow more optimally and make maintenance easier and more focused. Not only with snake plants, you can also use your favorite plants in one garden.





That's Top Garden Trends for 2022 : Planting, Materials, and Landscaping. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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