7 Garden Pond Ideas Suggestions

Homifine.com -- Designing a fish pond and garden at home is one of the best ways to increase the appeal of your home. The gurgling sound of water that can calm the mind and a beautiful garden, you can use as the most favorite relaxing spot The presence of a garden can also make the look of the house more beautiful.
If you need a fresh ideas we've put together 7 garden pond ideas suggestions specifically for you below!

1. Garden and fish pond in the backyard


The backyard is the perfect place to relax or just hang out with your closest friends. Because it is located behind, it will certainly guarantee more privacy. Well. a refreshing garden and fish pond will be an interesting sight that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

2. Square fishpond and refreshing garden

The idea of creating a fishpond surrounded by a refreshing garden is a dream of many people, right? The design of the fishpond made simple with a square model, to present a broad impression on the garden, While a wooden deck on the edge you can use as a relaxing place.

3. Charming indoor garden


Not only outdoors, you can have an indoor garden. The design of the fishpond beautifully made with  combination gardens. Especially in the garden, there are various orchids that become a charming focal point. Interesting, isn't it?

4. Fish and glass design


Different from the previous fish pond garden design. The next idea made with a smaller size. Fishpond varied with glass material, so you can enjoy the beauty of fish that are dancing in the pond.

5. Fishponds design and in the corner of the terrace


No matter how much land you have, you can still design a beautiful fishpond. The corner of the terrace will be an interesting place for a fish pond. While the other part, you can make a garden with a natural coral rock landscape.

6. Fishpond near the bedroom


Enjoy the freshness of the fish pond from inside your bed. Between the fish pond and the bedroom is limited by a glass door, so it can make the impression of s wider room. The appearance of the fishpond also looks natural with the dominance of elegant natural stone materials.

7. Fresh front garden and fishpond


The front porch is a part of the house that is often seen by someone. You have to make it with a beautiful design. Fishpond and minimalist garden is the perfect combination to design the front porch design looks beautiful.

Those are the 7 garden pond ideas suggestions that can inspire you. I hope the information above is useful.

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