7 Pretty Small Garden Ideas

7 Pretty Small Garden Ideas

Homifine.com -- Small garden ideas for landscaping at home can provide more potential besides helping the environment freshness. To revive new living creatures will be the perfect thing for you to adjust with interesting small garden ideas at home. As an idea, you can listen to 7 beautiful small gardens with a limited area below:

Choose beautiful colorful floor details


If you want to remodel the aesthetic appearance of a small landscaping at home, carefully provide beautiful details on the floor pattern of festive colors. This landscaping will become the center of attention at home with a more attractive combination of ornamental plants in one area.

Elevate plant beds in small gardens


You still have the idea of a vegetable garden around the house with a smart design. You can easily raise the plant bed which you have complete control cover to with the use of the vegetable garden in the area.

Make room for the path


Small garden redecoration at home with a more simple style. For example, with a path will provide an interesting visual effect with accents of natural rocks around it.

Small private garden behind the fence


Not everyone likes the open garden view for a different look. Well, the following idea is perfect for those of you who like gardens behind small fences that have complete elements, such as ornamental plants, coral crocks to the concept of a free vertical garden.

Create a new and more dedicated border


Get yourself a more fancy home garden idea with beautiful details. A simple minimalist concept with complete components such as walkways, garden accents next to the house to iron barrier accents to distinguish the garden next to it.

No grass, no problem


Replace the grass in your home landscape by using natural stone elements that can liven up the atmosphere so that it is more focused and perfect. Combine it with a circular path to accent some other decorative elements that support the garden page.

Add a neat and clear pergola


This last idea will mean for you to make a complement in a small home garden. You can fill limited space with a few elements of ornamental plants under the pergola properly. Separate the elevation of the garden with the residential boundary to make it look conditional.

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