7 Best Decorated Small Outdoor Balcony for Small Space

7 Best Decorated Small Outdoor Balcony for Small Space

Homifine.com -- A bright and warm atmosphere is a season that is loved by many people. That way, the balcony becomes the main place to enjoy the natural scenery outside the house or lush gardens with a variety of plants. The addition of furniture can also be placed to get interesting ideas and neat arrangements around the balcony. Inspiration to get a small balcony design at home:

Balcony with planting wall


The first idea you can do to arrange a small balcony so that it is more beautiful. The arrangement of plants attached to this part of the wooden wall creates a natural touch and simpler. Wood decoration and other furniture arrangements you can make a comfortable relaxing spot.

Special spots with a new style


It is very important to add special plant shelves as a functional place for ornamental plants with a new and more different style. Shelves that are not so high will show any plants that are arranged. Glass decoration becomes a support for the look.

Simple things on the balcony


The best result for balcony design do not have to be with luxurious arrangements. You can use several containers for herbal plants with open concessions.

Festive balcony extensions


A balcony that is small remains the best potential as a place for ornamental plants. The perfect arrangement you can switch on the edges of regular railing as well as hanging accents as an added sweetener.

The corner of the clustered balcony


This idea will make the balcony changes fundamental. With a neat arrangement in the corner of the area, a variety of ornamental plants, you can provide safety with the right shade using an umbrella.

Decorative stretch of fabric


When designing a balconyyou can use a several other accents in the form of fabrics that will create a romantic and privacy impression. Look at this selection of white dominant decorations, the perfect style will give a naturalist effect and a homey atmosphere.

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