Stunning Succulents That Brings Luck to The Home -- The presence of plants at home has many benefits. Presenting plants is one of the easiest ways to make the look of the house more beautiful. It turns out that having plants will bring good luck to your life.
Succulent is a popular plant and in great demand by many people. If you are interested, we have compiled stunning succulents that brings luck to the home that you can use as a reference!



Cacti have the botanical name Cactaceae. Cactus is one of the popular ornamental plants and much loved because it has a variety of shapes. They will look beautiful decorating your living room table. According to Feng shui, flowering cacti can bring good luck in your home.

Chinese money plant


As the name implies, this plant believed to bring good luck and money. Chinese money plant has the characteristic leaves shaped like coins. They are densely leafy with a refreshing green color.

Jade plant


Jade plants are another popular Succulent family. They have the Botanical name Crassula ovata. Some people know them by money plants.

For you beginner gardeners, we recommend Jade plant because it has easy maintenance. Jade plant has the shape of leaves and stems that look attractive, suitable for use as decorations and gifts for someone.



Houseleek or Sempervivum tectorum is one of the Succulents that will look beautiful if used as decoration of your home. They have the characteristics of beautifully shaped and colorful leaves. Houseleek also has easy care, they love sunlight. If in the room, you can put them bear the window.

Aloe Vera


The plant further known for its many health and beauty benefits. Aloe vera can also bring good luck in your home. Well, you can use Aloe vera on a beautiful pot for room decoration.

Snake plant


Snake plant is one of the best indoor plants that you can grow at home. Snake plants are a good producer of oxygen and indoor air purifiers. They are also know to bring a lot of luck at home. 

That's the stunning succulent review that brings luck to the home. Hopefully. the information above can be useful.

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