How To Grow And Care For ZZ Plants Indoors - ZZ plants or also known as Zanzibar gems are low maintenance plants. Their leaves have characterized with shiny, wide, and oval-shaped. Then look for How To Grow And Care For ZZ Plants Indoors. Check it out!



Zanzibar plants tolerant with lighting conditions. That make the plants well-suited to indoor growing. Besides, can grow well in low light and prefer bright, you should notice the plants to avoid direct sunlight. Because, it can make the Zanzibar leaves get scorch.



This plant not over picky for potting medium. With well-draining, you can make standard potting for these plants. But, if you feel for additional drainage is required, mixing in perlite or sand will help Zanzibar.



To be known, Zanzibar plants area extremely drought-tolerant and can handle infrequent watering. You can water the ZZ plants once the soil dries out completely. Usually once every two weeks.

Temperature and Humidity


ZZ plants don't tolerate with cold temperatures. No lower than 45 degrees F. So, you can avoid placing your plant in a location close to drafts or particularly cold areas.


ZZ plant don't require humid conditions, but if your home in dry side, consider increasing the humidity around the plants.



ZZ plants generally don't require regular fertilizing to thrive. But, you can fertilize the plants with indoor plant fertilizer diluted to half-strength one to two times during its active growing season.

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