Backyard Staycation Ideas - 7 Ways to Holiday at Home -- Spending time with family is important to maintain family intimacy. Usually, many people choose quality time with family by vacationing in a popular place. However, not many have free time at the same time, so it never hurts to create a staycation atmosphere around the house. You can use your backyard as a small vacation spot with an attractive design. For some ideas that you can use, see the following review of Backyard Staycation Ideas - 7 Ways to Holiday at Home.


Relaxing pergola

You can design your backyard by adding a pergola equipped with a sofa and egg chair as a relaxing spot. Decorations that can be added around it are plants that can make the atmosphere feel cool and comfortable. Don't forget to equip the pergola with a roof to keep it shady during the day.

 Pergola with fireplace

The next design that utilizes this backyard area is to add a sofa with an L-shaped model and in the middle, you can also add a fireplace that can warm you in winter. This fireplace can also be used for barbecue with the family to make it more fun.

Small pool on budget

Even though your backyard is small, you can design it like this one idea. You can place additional lounge chairs in a small pool nearby. You also don't need to have a large pool, you can even make it yourself with materials that can be purchased at the nearest store.

Additional outdoor kitchen

Of course, it would be very nice if you could gather with your family at home with a holiday feel. You can use your backyard to become an outdoor kitchen complete with relaxing areas such as chairs and a fireplace, so you can enjoy cooking more comfortably.

Outdoor picnic concept

If you don't want to over-design your backyard, you can use this idea by adding a few chairs around the fireplace, so you can feel the fresh outdoors picnic atmosphere.

Refreshing plant

The swimming pool is one of the interesting destinations for children on weekends. If you have enough area in the backyard, you can add a minimalist swimming pool with additional lounge chairs that can provide maximum comfort. On the remaining side, you can plant large plants to make them look fresh instantly.

Simple but neat

This last backyard design that you can use as a staycation area has a simple but comfortable appearance. The open area will provide sunny air like on the beach. Just like most of the previous designs, it would be really fun if you add a fireplace to warm yourself up or to burn some of your sausage stock with the family.


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