7+ Inspiring Rooftop Garden Ideas

Homifine.com -- Are you planning to have a rooftop garden? We will share inspiring rooftop ideas. Living  in urban areas, it is usually difficult t find green areas. Therefore, using the remaining space on the rooftop is a smart idea.
The existence of a rooftop garden you can use as a relaxing spot of enjoy the view of the city from above. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Let's continue reading the 7+ inspiring rooftop garden ideas below for more information.

1. Rooftop and vertical garden


Designing a rooftop with a vertical garden will help you get more privacy. To create a vertical garden also does not require much space, so it is suitable for use as a narrow land solution. This rooftop garden equipped with a wooden roof that will make your leisure activities more cozy.

2. Enjoy a meal in the rooftop garden


Cooking and enjoying food on the rooftop are both relaxing things. Especially with a refreshing garden view, of course it will be very fun, right? You can choose a one-line kitchen with aluminum material that is resistant to all weathers.

3. Rooftop garden with gazebo


Designing a rooftop with a gazebo will make relaxing activities more peaceful. Moreover, gazebos made with wood materials that display a more natural garden and blend with nature. Rooftop also designed with a secure wall fence.

4. Rooftop garden with wooden deck


Presenting a rooftop garden with a wooden deck looks elegant. The combination of garden light decoration on the fence and deck brings a new experience. That way, using time to enjoy the relaxing in the afternoon will be more romantic.

5. Rooftop garden full of flowers


Even with narrow size, you can change the appearance of the rooftop to be more colorful by presenting colorful flowers. You can grow flowers on pots. Continue by arranging the pots in a row.

6. Industrialist-style rooftop garden


The next rooftop garden design comes in a stunning industrialist style. The predominance of the use of metal features an elegant design. You can combine with black railing to look more attractive. Present some decorations of the lamp series for a more beautiful look.

7. Modern minimalist rooftop garden


The idea of a rooftop garden designed simple and not much decoration, but still alluring. The use of synthetic grass becomes a refreshing focal point. You can combine with perforated iron fences to display the modern design side.

7. Dining room and rooftop garden


Bring out the surprising experience by designing a dining room in the open space. The design of the dining room located on the rooftop may be in interesting idea. Gathering activities are free from distractions because the rooftop garden equipped with a wall fence that provides privacy for you.

That's the review of 7+ inspiring rooftop garden ideas. Hopefully, the information above can be useful for you.

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