Why Is My Snake Plant Not Growing? (Some Easy Fixes)

Homifine.com -- Snake plant is one of the popular houseplants because it is easy to care for. Its thick leaves are also the reason why some people keep it because it doesn't fall off easily and makes the house look neat. Despite having easy maintenance, some problems can come to it and make it difficult to grow properly. For a more complete explanation, see the following review regarding Why Is My Snake Plant Not Growing? (Some Easy Fixes).





Lighting is one of the most important things when you maintain a snake plant. You will find them growing well when they have regular indirect lighting. When you find it doesn't grow, it could be because of a lack of light. But too much light will also burn the leaves. The most ideal thing is to give him bright indirect sunlight.





The next problem that may arise is related to watering. Although tolerant of dry conditions, this plant will stop growing when it does not get water intake, but too much water will make it rot and of course stop its growth. You can dig it occasionally to determine its watering needs.





One of the most important things when you take care of plants is fertilization. Fertilizing plants should be done with the ideal dose. Too much fertilizer will also interfere with it and make it difficult to grow, and vice versa. When this plant lacks fertilizer, you can add some compost to mix in the planting medium, while when there is an excess of fertilizer, you can water it and stop fertilizing for a certain period of time.



If you get it from a different environment, it could be that the cause of your plant not growing is in the process of adjusting and undergoing acclimatization. If you have provided the ideal care at home, wait a few months for it to grow normally.

Pot Size


Pot selection is also important when you take care of a snake plant. Usually, plants will be difficult to grow because they are not comfortable with the size of the pot they have. If it has grown bigger, you can repott it, so it can grow better.

Seasonal Dormancy


The last thing that might happen to your snake plant is the season. This can happen, when in your area is experiencing winter, given that this plant requires lighting and warm temperatures. So, you don't have to worry when this happens because it's normal, and it will grow back when the dormancy season is over.



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