7 Stunning Koi Pond Design Ideas

7 Stunning Koi Pond Design Ideas

Homifine.com -- Ornamental ponds are usually built for outdoor decorative purposes that will give a fresh effect and attractive look in the home environment. With the ornamental pond, you can choose koi fish as an ornamental fish that is interesting and beautiful when viewed. Koi fish, whose movements are much in the care of because it is easy and as a fun option. To add koi ponds in the home environment, you can see some list below:

Koi pond waterfall


With additional features such as waterfalls, koi ponds will give a complete and beautiful look. This square size pond is surrounded by various ornamental plants to provide a refreshing combination.

Unique koi pond


If you want to build a koi pond at home, make sure a strong structure is selected so as not to be eroded by water. With a curved model, this koi pond you can limit with the surroundings of the tree around the surroundings neatly and add steeping stone to make it more decorative.

Shady koi pond


Additional vegetation in the pond will be a place of life for many creatures. Even koi fish will be more happy to swim and hide behind aquatic plants. Accent rocks as a barrier increasingly make the area natural and more grounded.

Fishpond with rocks


Adding rocks around the koi pond will enhance the look more naturally. In addition to interesting visuals, this rock arrangement can also be a seat and add oasis-style vegetation.

Koi pond at the middle of the yard


To improve the look of a more complex house, you can create a pool with a smaller size and low depth. Add with ornamental plants around the pond.

Diverse koi ponds


You do not need to put limits on koi ponds at home. Try to give a complete accent such as rock, plants to the selection of different types of fish in one pond. If you have children, make sure the pool can teach children more about animal behavior and nature.

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