Carnivorous Plants To Grow As Houseplants! -- If you want to present different unique plants in your home, you can add a collection of charming carnivorous plants. This type of plant is an insect eater. They have a unique look and attract attention to those who see them.
Carnivorous plants have a slightly different care than other types of houseplants. If you are interested in growing carnivorous plants, we have collected carnivorous plants to grow as houseplants specifically for you!

Venus flytrap


Venus flytrap has the Botanical name Dionaea muscipula. Venus flytrap is one of the most popular plants and has an alluring look. On their leaves, their teeth used to catch insects. They have a bright color, so it will look charming if you make it as a home decors.
For the treatment of Venus flytrap, you need to feed the insect once a month. Place them near a bright window.

Monkey cups


Monkey cups are another popular Carnivorous plant that you can grow at home. They are known by the name of pitcher plant because it has a shape like pockets. Monkey cups catch insects and then put them in pockets. This plant need indirect sunlight. Do watering regularly, but do not get inundated.



Sundew, or known as Drosera. It is one of the most beautiful carnivorous plant species. They have stems with feathers with sticky substances to catch insects. Its bright color with unique body characteristic will make your home decors more beautiful.
Sundew has low maintenance. Put in in a bright place, so you can put it near the window.



The trend of collecting Carnivorous plants is increasingly popular. The next carnivorous plant is Butterworth or Pinguicula vulgaris. Butterworth's care is easy, suitable for you novice gardeners. They have a distinctive feature with beautiful colorful flowers. The leaves are sticky with an alluring color used to catch small insects.
They will grow well with indirect sunlight. You can get it your trust's online store.



Serracenia has a striking color with an alluring nectar aroma. That it will attract the attention of insects to approach. Serracenia has a characteristic leaf shape like a tube for catching insetcs. The treatment of Serracenia is quite low, the grow on wetlands and are adaptable.

That's the review of Carnivorous plants to grow as houseplants. Hopefully, the information above can be useful.

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