7 Backyard Ideas for Small Spaces

7 Backyard Ideas for Small Spaces

Homifine.com -- Small backyard, not so hard to work with. Especially you consider some of the needs that will complete in the backyard. Such as the addition of a pergola, swimming pool or fireplace pit. Some right ways and ideas for a small backyard you can see in the following review:

Save space with a small portable seat


You can design your backyard neatly and avoid complicated clutter. How can you add a portable seat that can be moved anywhere. No need to give the distance to the two, you can save a pillow for the seat to make it more comfortable.

Frame with wooden fence


Small backyard ideas you can arrange neatly without giving the impression of being open with neighbors. The fence can be used as an accent to frame the backyard neatly. You can also fill the bottom of the fence with shrubs and also provide a barrier between the main page.

Small space with patio concept


No need to be afraid to make the backyard look lush using large leaf plants and trees. This will give a feeling of relief to the patio and also maintain a natural effect throughout the season. As with ornamental grasses, neat plants around the fort of the house.

New feature with fishpond


In the backyard of a small house, you can do new ideas with a natural fishpond. Composed of river rock with a solid shape that adds a quiet atmosphere and blends with nature perfectly.

Choose plants by plot


To design a small backyard, you can differentiate the choice of plant types or make them with different plots. If you plant it this way, some mulch will be easily removed, and you can add more plants.

Create an oasis concept


You can try the next idea with a small backyard using the oasis concept. This concept will be easy for you to try because it only requires heat-resistant outdoor plants such as cacti, succulents or palm trees.

Welcome to the new arrangement with planting pots


For a small backyard, you don't have to make it look like an open landscape with ornamental grass. You can do a new way easily with a neat and more regular arrangement of plant pots like this. Make plant beds with different levels of elevation to make it more attractive.

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