7 ideas for using a narrow space as a place to relax

Homifine.com -- Having a relaxing area is something that can provide comfort for you at home. Not only at home, you can also take advantage of outdoor space to make it function more optimally. It doesn't have to be a large size, you can decorate it according to the size you have. For some ideas that you can get, see the following review of 7 ideas for using a narrow space as a place to relax.



 Small balcony

This first idea, of course, has been implemented by many people. Utilizing the outdoor balcony as a relaxing place is indeed the right choice because you can see the view around the house more satisfactorily. You don't even need to leave the house to relax on this small balcony.


Choose convenient furniture

If you want to have a comfortable relaxing place, pay attention to the selection of furniture. Use comfortable furniture with models that match the space you have. Don't forget to add plants around it to make it look fresher.

Additional roof

By adding a roof to your patio, you will create a comfortable and shady relaxing area. You can fill it with relaxing furniture such as a hammock or egg chair. The decoration with rattan nuances in this relaxing area is also the main attraction.

Bohemian style

With a Bohemian feel full of colors and motifs, you can apply it to your casual area because it will be a symbol of your togetherness with your family. You can also use some sofa cushions to sit more relaxed on the floor.

Plant as air purifying

Make your relaxing spot comfortable by using the plants that surround it. The addition of this plant will provide clean air so that it will make you more relaxed and comfortable. You can let the plants propagate naturally on the roof frames or walls.

Use your own furniture

Actually, you don't need a lot of budgets to create a relaxing place. The small space you have can look simple and calming by adding the unused chairs and tables that you have. No need for additional furniture if you don't want to spend more budget.

Beautiful look

The rest of the land behind your house can be turned into a comfortable and beautiful spot like this idea. Create a dry garden that can use neatly arranged pots. For the remaining parts, you can add chairs and tables to complete your comfort.

That's 7 ideas for using a narrow space as a place to relax .  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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