7 Cozy Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas Just in Time for the Warm Weather

Homifine.com -- Enjoying a relaxing weekend outdoors it sounds fun. Having an outdoors is a stroke of luck for you. No matter day or night, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. An ide of building a fire pit you might be able to consider. Fire pits ca provide warmth and make your feel more more at home, enjoying time with friends and family
If you're looking for references, we've put together 7 cozy outdoor fire pit ideas just in time for the warm weather below. Let's keep reading for complete information.

1. Handy fire pit


A small fire pit with a round is suitable for those of you who want a simple and practical design. This fire pit easy to move, moreover, the design is also attractive with a glossy feel. Two egg chairs and a pergola are the perfect blend for enjoying a cup of coffee.

2. Table-top fire pit


Enjoy dinner time together outdoors that feels warm by presenting a table-top fire pit. The size of the table-top fire pit is made small, according to the capacity of the round table. The series of light bulbs on the pergola also add to the atmosphere of being more cozy.

3. Box-shaped fire pit

The backyard is the perfect place to gather and cook barbecue. A specially designed concrete table with fire pit. You don't have to be afraid of the cold. A simple box-shaped table model that you can try to imitate at home.

4. Enjoying time together in the backyard


You can keep your backyard warm and cozy, by presenting a campfire. The fire pit mode id designed round according to the base. The appearance of the outdoor space is also more attractive with a garden path that makes it easier for you when walking.

5. Bowl-shaped fire pit


There are so many fire pit models that you can adjust to your needs. One of them is the fire pit, the unique shape of the bowl. the fire bowl is also flexible, and you can take it anywhere while camping. You can put the fire pit on a solid wooden frame for safe.

6. Modern style fire pit


Enjoying the view of the beach from the rooftop is the most beautiful moment. To keep you warm, present a fire pit. A beautiful fire pit can beautify the rooftop terrace. The fire model is framed by glass that looks elegant and modern.

7. Simple DIY fire pit


 You can easily make a fire pit in the side yard at home. Use brick or stone as a frame. Make it circular as in the example. The fire pit model is simple but still interesting because it looks natural, like returning to nature.

That's a review of 7 cozy outdoor fire pit ideas just in time for the warm weather. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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