What Are The Benefits of A Spider Plant?

Homifine.com -- The spider plant is one of the most popular ornamental plants because of its beauty and can also be placed in various corners of the house either on the table, on the floor, or as a hanging plant. This spider plant has a beautiful leaf pattern and grows dangling charmingly. Not only beauty, you will get several benefits when you have a spider plant. For some of the benefits that you can get, see the following review about What Are The Benefits of A Spider Plant?

More efficient


The first advantage that you can get from a spider plant is that it can reproduce itself by growing new shoots that hang beautifully. You can even replant it in a different pot, making it easier for you than having to propagate it with a difficult method. You no longer need to spend a lot of money to buy a new spider plant, because you can grow it independently of the new shoots it produces. 



Hard to kill


This plant can also be a plant that you can rely on because of its ability to survive and is difficult to die. This spider plant is even able to live in a lot of water, less water, shaded light, or full light. You also don't need to worry too much if you ignore him a little, because he will adjust well. However, don't take the big risk of ignoring it for a long time.

Air purifying


If you place a spider plant indoors, it is a very good choice because this plant is able to purify the air from the chemical formaldehyde emitted from furniture and building materials around it. It's not just nonsense, of course this research has been proven by NASA by saying that spider plants are among the top 3 plants that are good air purifiers.



Increase humidity


After cleaning the air of harmful chemicals, spider plants can also increase the humidity in your room. Especially if after you water it, the spider plant is able to maintain the humidity of the air around it better. So, it will be very suitable if you add a spider plant on your work table, because it can provide better comfort.



Spider plants are theurapeutic


Spider plant is also a therapeutic plant because in a study it was stated that adding a spider plant to a hospital ward, can help patients improve mood which can speed up recovery. This is related to its ability to create a good living environment, such as maintaining humidity and removing toxins in the air.


Beautiful indoor decoration


This last benefit, of course, is widely known by many people, which spider plant can be used as a beautiful room decoration. Many people prefer it as a hanging plant because of the beauty of the leaves and pups, which will be stunning when hung in several spots in the room.

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