7 Ideas for Creating A Stunning Staircase Garden

Homifine.com -- Stairs are a part that is usually owned by a multistory house. The existence of this ladder is access that connects the floors in the house. It will be very interesting when you decorate it with a green and refreshing garden. Some ideas that you can use to create a garden on the stairs will be reviewed in the following article about 7 Ideas for Creating A Stunning Staircase Garden.



Lush plant


This first staircase garden idea has a charming appearance by using plants that have pointed leaves so that the overall appearance becomes beautiful. The arrangement of plants is also made tightly to produce a lush view and become a natural stair railing.



Vines on stair


The next staircase idea is no less interesting by having a charming appearance using sticking plants. Usually, these types of plants will be hanging on the roof frame, but placing them on the stairs can be a new breakthrough for you to make it more unique and interesting.



Beautiful white pots


The small ladder that you have can have a beautiful appearance like this one when you decorate it with some potted plants. You can choose a pot that is the same color to give a neat impression and is more attractive to look at. This area will be an interesting spot to take pictures.


Neat plant


Different from the previous stairs which used plants as stair railings, in this idea you can imitate it by placing plants under the banister. You can also place some vines so that they can grow naturally on the stair railing.



Colorful pots


If your house looks plain and boring, the idea of placing plants on the stairs can be a way to make your home more fresh and awesome. You can also choose colorful pots to give a colorful and not boring impression. Place some of these pots on the edge of the stairs, so they don't interfere with the main function of the stairs.


Natural look


Are you a person who likes decorative accents with natural nuances? Placing some plants on the stairs will be a complement to home decor that matches your rattan display. You can place them in one area so that it will powerfully provide maximum natural beauty.



Wooden materials


This last stair garden idea has a simpler appearance by placing plants on a planter which is then arranged with a distance of one step left empty. The use of a planter is also chosen with wood material to match the wooden stairs it has.





That's 7 Ideas for Creating A Stunning Staircase Garden.  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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