Landscaping Ideas : 7 Clever Gardening Tips to Save Time

Landscaping Ideas : 7 Clever Gardening Tips to Save Time -- Maintaining a beautiful home garden requires hard work and efficient time to arrange it. You can start with a new beginning that is simple and suitable to be a free time friend. Even those who have retired desperately need a garden to overcome bedroom while at home. Organizing a garden is also a way to lighten the load and maintain a new and refreshing environment. For landscape settings that require quite efficient time, you can try in various ways.

Weeds that have been overcome


To arrange landscaping around the house, it's a good idea to provide a neat arrangement by pulling out weeds and mulch around the garden. Weeds may return in the spring, but you can maintain others, stronger plants, with nutrition.

Simple oasis concept


Next, to prepare a new destination around the house, using a simple oasis concept like this can dominate the house neatly. Use cacti to regularly design outdoor areas as well as fireplace to ensure the landscaping has been used thoroughly.

Rely on companion plants


So you can focus on the landscape that has mixed all the land cover in the form of natural rock by using companion plants. Such as a mixture of shrubs, box wood or only strong leafy plants to be placed on the edge of the house fence.

Create a new shade


With a smart landscaping concept, you can manage the selection of plants at home whose function can also be a lasting shade. For example, with spruce trees that you can arrange neatly lined up on each edge of the house without having to use stainless fences. A design like this will be interesting for aesthetic decorations at night using bright garden lights.

Complete with elements of the path


Never be left behind on landscaping at home. You can make the accent path with natural stone material, perfect and more natural. Relying on natural rocks in landscaping at home is also quite profitable, especially it is can be used for water absorption and  as a soil retainer so that is not easily eroded.

Proved a contrasting landscape design


In order for your landscape to be neatly arranged, garden contrast need to be made to direct a modern design. For example, giving a border accent on the grass with natural rocks as a land cover and choosing ornamental plants with semi-yellow for an attractive visual.

Reduce page size and make it more lush 


These final landscaping ideas might just make it easier for you to tend a fun weekend. You can minimize the landscape arrangement and focus more on what plants can be placed around the garden. Give a small space limit, to estimate what plants can be entered.

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